How to Dispose of Bricks? 4 Easy Ways

It is common to have some leftover bricks after constructing a house or commercial building, a home remodeling, or a DIY project.

There are various brick disposal options available for you to choose from.

Keep reading this guide to learn how to dispose of bricks safely or creatively reuse them.

Why Is Safe Brick Disposal Necessary?

After construction is over, you are left with massive rubble of sand, cement, plastic, and bricks. T

These waste materials, including bricks, need to be disposed of as quickly as possible otherwise, the authorities will launch a complaint against you.

Bricks fall into the construction and demolition waste category. For several years leftover bricks from construction sites end up going to landfills. 

At first, there was no particular method discovered to ensure safe brick disposal after construction. However, now various solid waste management organizations are exploring different options of safe brick disposal. 

Now, solid waste management organizations are coming up with solutions to dispose and recycle bricks most reliably and profitably. 

It is crucial to note that bricks contain heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, mercury, etc., which can severely damage fertile soil.

The aim is to make brick disposal as safe as possible and helpfully repurpose old bricks. 

When left unattended, bricks are not environmentally friendly and may even contribute to global warming. Plus, they are also an expensive commodity. 

Some people consider disposing of bricks as a very tedious task. However, if you gain proper knowledge and do your research, brick disposal does not always have to be hectic.

The best way to dispose of bricks is by handing them over to waste management companies. They have the right experience, knowledge, and tools to recycle and reuse them.

You will find a range of alternatives when it comes to disposing of leftover bricks. 

This guide will cover various brick disposal methods that will help you make the best use of your old bricks without spending a fortune on them. 

How to Dispose of Bricks the Right Way?

Disposing bricks requires a lot of time, energy, and patience. It is certainly not an easy task.

If you have many bricks that need to be disposed of, it may take days for you to get rid of them completely. 

In the first few days after construction, it is recommended that you try to find different ways to make the best use of the bricks. 

There are several alternatives that you can opt for if you have decided to give away bricks. Here is what they are: 

Method 1 – Move the Bricks Yourself

Most people with old bricks have some construction business or job that leaves them with leftover material. They also have loaders or trucks that they can use at their construction site.

If you are in the construction business, you can use these trucks and loaders to move the bricks and dispose of them at the local landfill.

If you do not have a truck, then you can rent or hire a loader truck to transfer the bricks from one place to another. 

Nevertheless, this option is only viable if you have a few bricks to handle. If you have a large number of bricks, then it is better to contact a waste management company.

Waste management companies have the right resources and expertise to handle the brick disposal job.

Moreover, this option will also help save your time and money as going to a landfill can cost a lot of fuel. 


  • This option is favorable if you have a fewer number of bricks.
  • You can dispose of the bricks according to your schedule.


  • If you do not own a truck, then renting it out will double the cost.
  • If you have a massive pile of old bricks, you must make multiple trips to the landfill.

Method 2 – Get in Touch with a Local Waste Management Organization

Every area has a local waste management organization which you can contact either physically or over the internet.

You can drop in your request to dispose of old bricks from the construction spot.

This way, you will delegate the hectic task of disposing of bricks to professionals who have vast experience in transporting and removing bricks from one place to another.

This kind of service is different from renting a truck because waste management companies know how to dispose of old bricks.

They take care of all the steps from the start to the end. 

In contrast, you have to guide the truck renting company on what kind of service you want.

It can consume a good amount of your time and efforts without any guarantee that the job will be satisfactory in the end.

Note that some waste management companies may require you to pile up the leftover bricks outside your building to make it easier to carry them.

This can add convenience for you as you have to arrange the bricks at a specific mutually decided place; instead of throwing them in the trash. 


  • This method is ideal for disposing of a large number of bricks.
  • This method will save you time, money, and effort.
  • It is a safe and convenient alternative to disposing of bricks yourself.


  • Waste management companies have a tight schedule and may require you to be available at an inconvenient time.
  • The stacking of the bricks could be a tedious task.
  • You will be left to wonder about the cost of the pickup by the waste management company, as most companies only calculate the cost after the job is completed. 

Method 3 – Rent Out a Rolling Dumpster 

Renting out a rolling dumpster for brick disposal is another excellent method.

However, if you are not part of a construction business, the chances are that you might not be familiar with this option. 

There is a technology out there known as a rolling dumpster. A rolling dumpster comes in handy for several reasons, the most significant one being that it can dispose of old bricks. 

All you have to do is rent out a rolling dumpster from a professional company.

These companies have different kinds of rolling dumpsters available in various sizes and shapes to cater to their customer’s requirements. 

You can ask several rolling dumpsters providing companies to give you quotations and choose the best fit for your budget and fulfill all the requirements. 

There is no rule of thumb when it comes to renting out a rolling dumpster. You do not have to wait for your construction to complete before renting it out. 

You can rent out a rolling dumpster even while the construction is going on. This way, you can save a lot of time and energy while keeping your construction area neat at the same time.


  • It is a safe and cost-effective method of disposing of bricks.
  • There is no time urgency as rolling dumpster companies provide flexible rental periods.
  • It can help you eliminate other construction debris such as cement, asphalt, and other concrete. 


  • Not a suitable option for disposing of a small number of bricks.
  • You will have to fill the dumpster with debris all on your own.

Method 4 – Recycle Bricks Instead of Disposal

You do not necessarily have to dump off bricks in a landfill when you can recycle them.

Consider it an opportunity to do something useful if you have leftover bricks from the construction of a building. 

First of all, store your books in a safe and clean place. Wipe off all extra dust and debris for them so you can make better use of them.

Various industrial companies have started to recycle their waste material to attain large profits and reduce overall costs in today’s age. 

In addition, recycling also helps the environment by keeping it clean and protected from harmful substance disposal. Therefore, recycling should become an integral part of our lives. 

The internet is full of millions of recycling ideas.

You can find countless ways of recycling bricks yourself, or you can find companies that will take the bricks from you and put them to good use. 

Moreover, some local material exchange programs run by schools or colleges encourage people to give their old bricks for recreational or learning activities for children or teenagers. 

You can explore a vast plethora of DIY projects to help you make the best possible use of old bricks. 

For example, you can paint the bricks and put them in the walkway outside your house to look more appealing.

Another example is creating a DIY house for your pet like a doghouse. Decorate and paint it to make it look more inviting.

In the long run, you will consider recycling your old bricks worthwhile and be happy to utilize them instead of dumping them in the trash.

Final Words

We hope that this guide on ‘how to dispose of bricks?’ was helpful.

The next time you have to deal with leftover bricks, you can consider our bricks disposal guidelines to choose the most suitable option.

While disposing of bricks in a landfill is always possible, we encourage everyone to recycle them instead.

Moreover, you can also sell your leftover bricks to a recycling company and earn some extra bucks. 

Good Luck!

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