How to Dispose of Old Pillows? 6 Common Ways!

We all love sleeping on soft and cozy pillows, but we cannot sleep on the same pillows forever.

When the time comes, you need to dispose of your old pillows and get new ones.

Read this guide to find out all you need to know about disposing of pillows.

Why Is It Important to Safely Dispose of Old Pillows?

The National Sleep Foundation states that you need to replace your pillows after using them for twelve to fifteen months, depending on their condition.

It is essential to replace your pillows after the duration mentioned above to maintain hygiene standards.

Your pillows may appear clean on the surface, but they’re contaminated with sweat, drool, dead cells, dirt, and dust.

In addition to this, most pillow fillings are made up of synthetic materials that cannot be recycled.

Therefore, it is harmful to dispose of them in the garbage and cause a threat to the environment.

If you wish to make more sustainable life choices, it is imperative to safely dispose of your old pillows.

6 Different Methods of Disposing of Old Pillows

If your pillow has completed its lifespan and it is time to say goodbye to it, you have countless disposal options available.

Even though disposing of pillows in the trash is one option, it is not the most environmentally friendly.

Let’s take a look at alternative methods of disposing of old pillows safely:

Donate Your Pillows to an Animal Shelter

If you wish to discard your old pillows but do not want them to end up in landfills, you can give them away to your nearest animal shelter.

Animal shelters always need pillows and other bedding items as they use them to make bedding for the animals.

Make sure that you call the animal shelter before dropping off your old pillows at the location.

Besides this, you can also check with your nearby veterinarian clinic if they are accepting old pillows.

Donate Your Pillows to a Local Homeless Center

If your pillow is clean and still in usable condition, you can check with the local homeless center or community center if they are accepting donations.

Some homeless shelters are particular about not accepting pillows or bedding items that are not in prime condition.

Therefore, make sure that you call them in advance to check if they are accepting old pillows.

You can also share pictures over email to verify that your pillows are clean and sanitized.

Donate Your Pillows to a Charity

A great way to dispose of your old pillows without letting them go to waste is by donating them to a charity.

Most local charities are open to accepting used pillows, blankets, duvets, and other bedding materials.

When giving away old pillows to a charity, make sure that you clean and wash your pillow covers properly.

This way, the charity will be more inclined to accept the pillows as a donation.

Donate Your Pillows to a Thrift Store

Another excellent method of disposing of your old pillows is giving them away to a thrift store. However, you need to ensure that your pillow is in proper condition for a thrift store.

If your pillow is too dusty, lumpy, or the feathers are coming off, chances are the thrift store might not accept it.

You can also contact the thrift store in advance and email them pictures of your pillows to get them approved before you dispose of them.

Moreover, you may also schedule a pick-up service as some thrift stores have that facility.

Give Away the Pillow to a Needy Person

As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Instead of throwing your old pillow in the garbage, you can give it away to someone who truly needs it.

You can give away your old pillows to a homeless person or someone in your circle who cannot afford to buy new pillows.

Just make sure that your pillow is properly cleaned and packed before you give it away so the other person can genuinely value and appreciate your gesture.

Give Away Old Pillows to a Textile Recycling Company

If you want to ensure that your old pillows get in the right hands and do not go to waste, giving them a way to a textile recycling company is an excellent choice.

If your pillows are lumpy, torn, and tattered, a recycling company can put them to good use.

You can search the web for a recycling company near your area, schedule a pick-up service, or drop it off yourself.

Textile recycling companies can make use of the pillow fillings and recycle them to use for other materials.

The most common items produced by textile recycling company includes carpets, floor mats, insulation, cushions, etc.

This option is ideal for you if your pillows are not in a condition to be given as donations or sold off.

Repurpose Your Old Pillows

If donating old pillows is not an option for you and there is no textile recycling company in your city, you can always repurpose and recycle them at home.

When it comes to recycling old pillows at home, there are various options available.

Let’s take a look at the different ways of repurposing old pillows instead of throwing them off in the garbage.

Turn Them into Floor Pillows

If your old pillow shams are torn, greasy, or stained, you can still use the pillow filling and repurpose them.

One of the simplest ways of recycling your old pillows is by turning them into floor pillows or cushions.

All you need to do is take out the pillow stuffing and fill it inside a floor cushion cover. Typically, you would need two to three pillows to fill a floor cushion cover.

Once you have filled the floor cushions with the pillow filling, ensure that you flatten and smooth it out to eliminate all the lumps.

Make a Pet Bed Out of Your Old Pillows

If you own a pet cat or a dog, making a new bed for them is undoubtedly a fulfilling DIY project.

This way, you can also utilize and repurpose your old pillows and prepare a comfy space for your pets.

Ensure you properly clean and dust off the pillows to prevent your pets from catching any allergies. Use pet-friendly washing powder to wash the pillow shams.

You can use the pillows as it is and place them in a corner for your pet. Moreover, you can also take out the pillow filling and stuff it inside a custom-shaped pet bed.

You can search for tutorials online on making a pet bed at home using old pillows, and you will find thousands of examples.

Moreover, you can also decorate the bed with your pet’s favorite toys and treats. If you wish to go the extra mile, you can also include their name tag on it.

Use Old Pillows to Help with Packing

If you are moving out of a place or know someone else who is relocating, your old pillows can come in handy.

You can use old pillows to help pack and shift fragile items like glass décor items, candles, utensils, etc.

Make sure your pillows are not too dusty before you decide to use them for packing, as you do not want to damage the fragile items further.

Reuse the Pillows to Make Draft Stoppers

If you wish to keep your home warmer during the winter season, you can make DIY daft stoppers using your old pillows.

Use Old Pillows as Bean Bags Stuffing

If your bean bags have loosened up with wear and tear, you can refresh them by stuffing in some pillow fills inside.

This way, you can recycle your old pillows and make your bean bags comfier to sit on.

How to Dispose of Old Pillow Shams and Pillow Stuffing

If disposing of your old pillows is your last option, here is how you can do that responsibly.

  1. Remove the pillow sham and keep the stuffing aside.
  2. Dispose of the pillow stuffing into a compost bin.
  3. You can cut the pillow sham into tiny pieces and throw it in the garbage.
  4. You can also directly dispose of the pillows at a landfill site. Make sure you give them a call and arrange a drop-off time to avoid any inconvenience.
  5. If a garbage disposal company collects pillows and similar bedding items, you can place the pillows in a bag and label them.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed reading our guide on ‘How to dispose of pillows’ and found it valuable.

If you are still sleeping on a pillow bought two years ago, it is high time to consider replacing it.

You can donate the pillow to a charity, thrift store, homeless shelter, or community center. Else, you can take the other route and try to recycle the pillows at home.

Do consider all your options before you decide to throw your old pillows into the garbage. Good luck!

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