How to Dispose of Acupuncture Needles? The Safe Way!

It’s essential to dispose of acupuncture needles properly because they can hurt sanitation workers or animals. The same is true for other sharp objects in the trash.

In addition to pricking someone, they could also lead to the transmission of diseases.

Therefore, you must pack them appropriately and hand them to the correction collection facility.

This article highlights the steps required to dispose of acupuncture needles.

Steps on How to Dispose of Acupuncture Needles

The steps below apply to disposing of other sharp objects as well.

These objects include syringes, other needles, and clippers. So, here are the steps you must follow.

Step 1. Learn about Why It Is Critical to Dispose of Acupuncture Needles Appropriately

You can put other human beings and animals at significant risk with improper disposal of acupuncture needles.

Below are some points to consider.

You Can Prevent Accidental Injury

If you throw needles in your regular trash, they could penetrate the plastic bag. Therefore, they could injure sanitation workers during handling.

In addition to that, it could also harm animals if they go through your trash.

You Can Prevent Disease Transmission

Needles are a common means of disease transmission, even when they are not medical ones. Needles in the trash can get contaminated.

So, germs could get into a person’s bloodstream if it pricks their skin.

This is also the case with animals. Therefore, proper disposal can reduce the risk to the environment on the whole.

This also means that you shouldn’t throw these needles in public spaces and other places like in a water source.

Step 2. Acquire a Sharps Container

Visit your nearest pharmacy and purchase a sharps disposal container. These containers are made of plastic and are relatively inexpensive.

So, it’s best to use these over any others.

The purpose of this container is to ensure that the needles are not exposed during disposal.

As they are made of plastic, they also won’t break or get damaged during handling.

As a result, there’s less risk of harming the environment during the disposal of acupuncture needles.

Choosing One of Many Types of Sharps Containers

Typically, sharps containers are the same for all types of sharp objects. Nevertheless, some may be larger than others.

If you need to dispose of many needles often, get a relatively large container.

The container may include a capacity rating. It’s best to never exceed this rating. You may reduce the effectiveness of the container in that case.

You could also consider getting a container that destroys the needles before you dispose of them.

This type of container is only useful if you practice acupuncture frequently.

In that case, you may need to dispose of several needles.

Use Appropriate Alternatives Only When a Dedicated Sharps Container is Unavailable

It’s important to use dedicated sharps containers only. This is because they offer the best protection to the environment.

Sharps containers also usually have a label that mentions what is inside. Therefore, anyone won’t try to open one and use the container. They also will know that is it not recyclable.

Using other alternatives could cause sanitation workers or anyone else to mistake the container for something else.

However, if you cannot find a sharps container, you can consider using other appropriate alternatives. Some alternatives include milk cartons, plastic bottles, or empty detergent bottles.

Make sure that these containers have a lid that screws on securely.

That said, before using an alternative container, be sure to check for any leaks. You can fill water in the container and leave it for several minutes.

If there’s nothing leaking, you can use the container.

Leaks can allow the acupuncture needles to be released from the container during handling. Therefore, even one loose needle could result in someone’s injury.

It’s also best not to use certain types of containers. These include glass bottles or containers, coffee cans, or aluminum cans.

These containers can break during handling, causing the contents to be exposed.

Step 3. Fill the Sharps Container

Once you have the correct sharps container, fill it with the acupuncture needles.

Make sure not to stop filling it once it’s about three-quarters full. Exceeding that could compromise its effectiveness.

It’s possible that you won’t be able to fill one container after one acupuncture session. So, you can store the used ones in the container.

Whenever it’s full, whether that is the next day or month, you can add the rest and then dispose of the container.

It’s also important to understand that sharps containers are single-use items. You should never attempt to reuse them, as that could lead to accidental injury.

Step 4. Seal the Sharps Container

When the sharps container is full and ready to dispose of, seal it by placing tape at the top of the lid. As a result, the container won’t open when it’s in the trash.

It’s an additional layer of safety that can make a difference.

In addition to that, if you use an alternative to a sharps container, you should label it. You could tape a piece of paper to the container.

Use a permanent marker to mention that the container has needles inside. This way, sanitation workers will know that it’s dangerous and must not be recycled.

Step 5. Read Up on Any Guidelines for Disposing of Needles in Your State or Country

Some areas may have specific guidelines to follow when disposing of needles.

It’s best to familiarize yourself with those before disposing of your acupuncture needles.

Failure to follow the rules could result in legal consequences. Therefore, you may have to pay a fine or incur legal fees if there’s a case.

Step 6. Throw the Container in the Trash (If Allowed)

If it’s acceptable, you can place the container in your household trash.

Make sure that you place it at the center of the trash. By doing so, you’ll ensure that it’s surrounded by other bits of trash.

It can help prevent needles from coming into contact with someone if the container leaks.

It’s also worth noting that try not to place anything else in the container except the needles or syringes. Doing so could compromise the container.

You should make sure not to place the container full of acupuncture needles in the recycling bin. You could greatly risk physically harming someone if you do so.

Other Options for Disposing of Acupuncture Needles

If you don’t want to dispose of acupuncture needles, there are a few other alternatives to consider. Here are some to keep in mind.

Waste Collection Facilities

There are dedicated waste collection facilities that handle the disposal of certain types of materials.

These materials include needles and sharp objects. They may also accept hazardous waste materials.

You could do a quick search on the internet for such facilities nearest to you. It’s best to get in touch with them before you go there in person.

Calling them can help you determine if they accept acupuncture needles. Some may simply accept medical needles, such as syringes.

So, you can save yourself a trip with one phone call.

Moreover, some facilities may even come to you to pick up the used needles. In other cases, you may have to deliver the waste to the facility or accepted drop sites.

When delivering sharps containers, make sure to follow the instructions above on keeping it secure.

Some waste collection facilities may not charge anything for their services, while others may have a fee. However, it’s usually a nominal fee, so you don’t need to worry about spending much money on disposal.

In addition to that, some facilities also have subscription services. With that, they will provide you with the necessary materials for proper disposal and will collect them from you.

However, such services are only necessary if you have a commercial acupuncture service. It can be costly if you need to dispose of needles and such materials occasionally.

Mail-Back Programs

In some areas, you may have access to mail-back programs. With such programs, you can deliver the used sharp materials to the manufacturer.

This service can vary based on location and are usually for medical syringes. Nevertheless, you could check if it’s available to you.

Also, you should note that it can incur a fee. The fees may vary based on the frequency of disposal and the size of the containers.

Waste Collection Services within Communities

Certain residential communities have arrangements with waste collection facilities for the disposal of acupuncture needles and similar materials.

Therefore, check with your community if such a service is available. It may be easier and cheaper than taking the container to an appropriate facility on your own.

Last Few Words

This article focused on the disposal of acupuncture needles only for home use.

Commercial services, such as massage parlors may have to make other arrangements.

Moreover, the rules and regulations may be different for commercial service providers.

Therefore, it’s in your best interest to educate yourself on those if you plan to offer acupuncture services.

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