How To Dispose Of Free Weights

While free weights generally have a long lifespan, you might be considering disposing of them. Perhaps they serve no purpose for you anymore, or you want to change your equipment.

Whatever the reason, disposing of free weights is generally quite straightforward. In this guide, we will go over everything you need to know about the disposal methods.

Disposing of Free Weights

Free weights are a type of exercise equipment with an excellent lifespan. Under the right conditions, they can last for decades.

However, there does come a time when disposing of free weights might become necessary. Perhaps you want to replace them with new, shiny gear.

In some cases, the weights become obsolete as you require heavier ones. And in other cases, these free weights do get worn out.

The latter is especially true if you have kept your weights and other exercise equipment outdoors. Since these weights are made of metal, they can quickly get worn out in humid conditions.

This could put you and your exercise routine at risk, which is why you must be careful. The damaged components could fall or break anytime.

Hence, a replacement in these cases becomes necessary. But what do you do with the old free weights?

Disposing of free weights is slightly tricky since it is not like you can recycle them yourself. You might not even be able to reuse the free weights in any other way.

Luckily, you don’t need to toss the free weights in the trash. You can give them away to someone who might find them more useful.

Similarly, you might give them to others who can recycle or reuse the free weights. In this guide, we will provide you with all of this information.

By the end of this article, you will know how to dispose of free weights easily. You will know exactly what to do with your old free weights and other exercise equipment.

Best Ways to Dispose of Free Weights

It is important to replace your exercise equipment after some time. This is especially true if it is used frequently.

In fact, you should keep an eye out for signs of wear and tear. If you start noticing them, it might be time for a replacement.

Here is what you should do if you want to dispose of free weights:

Donate to Organizations

If the free weights are in usable condition, you can consider donating them to any organization. For example, you can give them to a local community center, senior citizen center, or high school.

However, this is provided that your free weights are not in a terrible condition, such that they cannot be used. In such a case, donating the free weights to such places is not a good idea.

High Schools and such centers will find the free weights proper since they might be interested in it.

You should call these places beforehand and ask them if they accept such donations. There might be a slight chance that they would not be interested.

If that is the case, you can instead donate to charity organizations. For example, Goodwill and Salvation Army will definitely accept such donations.

This way, you will be helping someone and getting rid of your free weights. The weights will also not be wasted since someone else might start using them.

Sell Them Online

If your free weights are in a pretty good condition where they can be used, consider selling them. There are tons of people looking for more affordable options for weights and dumbbells.

New exercise equipment and weights are expensive, so people are always looking for cheaper alternatives. If your weights are functional but are simply gathering dust, it is time to sell them.

Someone might actually find them more useful, so this is a good idea. Not to mention, you can earn a few bucks out of them also.

Of course, since these weights are used, you cannot sell them at a high price. Consider keeping them affordable so people will actually buy them.

You can sell your free weights on online marketplaces or at garage sales. In fact, there are also some fitness and exercise equipment companies you can contact.

These companies can buy the free weights from you at a small price. Hence, exploring these options could be a good idea since you can earn from them.

Donate To the Gym

If all other options sound too tedious, you can consider donating the free weights to a gym. Tons of fitness centers and gyms would be happy to take the weights for free.

If the free weights are in good condition, this is an excellent option to explore. However, you must ensure that the free weights are usable and in working condition.

There might be a chance that the gym may pay for the free weights. However, this is provided that they are in excellent condition.

Otherwise, the gym may accept them as a donation. Many gyms already look for used equipment, so this is a good option to explore.

Give Them Away to Friends and Family

Another easy option for the disposal of free weights is to give them to friends and family. This should be your first option since it is likely going to be the most convenient.

If you have a friend or family member who is interested in working out and does it routinely, consider them. They might happily take your free weights from you.

Hence, ask them first before contacting and exploring any of the other options on this list.

Call a Junk Removal Company

If the equipment is beyond repair or too worn out, it’s time to junk it. No one will find them useful, including the community center, gym, or high schools.

Hence, you should consider calling a junk removal company. They will likely come to your house and pick up your used free weights.

However, they will likely charge you a fee. You should get in touch with them beforehand to see if they will accept free weights.

These companies might even take the free weights to the junkyard. Otherwise, they will take it to the recycling center.

This is undoubtedly one of the most convenient and easiest options to explore. You should consider contacting the company first to see if they will accept them.

You should also ask them how much they will charge for picking up the free weights. Alternatively, you can ask if it’s possible to drop them off yourself.

Sell It to a Secondhand Store

You can consider taking the free weights to a secondhand store that can buy the weights from you. This will help you earn some extra cash as well.

However, this is provided that the free weights are in excellent condition. If they are not, chances are that the store will not buy them from you.

Hence, make sure to check the condition and show it to them before they take it in. This is a good option since you can earn extra bucks.

This is a better option as compared to just throwing the weights in the trash. At least this way, you will earn some more from the garbage.

Sell It to a Metal Recycling Center

Lastly, a good option is visiting a metal recycling center. This is an excellent option to explore if the free weights are made of metal.

Some weights are made of steel and iron. The recycling center will be more than happy to take the metal items from you.

This way, your weights will be used for something beneficial since they can be recycled. You should search for recycling centers near you on the internet.

The best option is specific metal recycling centers. However, if that is not available for you, consider checking a regular center.

Once you have found one in your area, you should call them up beforehand. Ask them if they would accept free weights for recycling.

If they do, then ask them if they can pick the weights up for you. If not, you can drop it off to them.

What to Do Before Giving Weights Away

It is important that when you are giving away your weights, you clean them first. Regardless of whether the weights are made of plastic or metal, you must clean them first.

This will improve their condition. It is always a good idea to clean the weights before selling or donating them.

Wash the weights in water and then cover them with soap or detergent. Then wash the soap off and let the weights dry.

This will remove all impurities and keep them clean.

Final Words

There are tons of things you can do when you have free weights and want to dispose of them. You can consider donating them to friends and family, the gym, or other organizations.

If the free weights are in good condition, you can sell them online. In fact, some gyms will even pay for these weights if they are in excellent condition.

Otherwise, you can sell them to a secondhand store. Another great idea is to give a metal recycling company the free weights. They will recycle the free weights for you. 

If that does not work, the last resort should be to give the weights to a junkyard company. They will definitely accept the weights.

So, explore all of your options before going with the most convenient one. Whichever option you go with, ensure you clean the free weights first.

Good luck!

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