How to Dispose of Treadmill? 7 Easy Ways!

A treadmill is a piece of common exercise equipment found in homes. It enables you to do cardio within your home, saving you the hassle of going to the gym.

Although it is a vital piece of equipment, it also has a limited lifespan. When your treadmill has run its course, it is time to dispose of it the right way.

This article states a comprehensive guide on ‘how to dispose of treadmill’ so keep reading on.

Why Should You Dispose of Your Treadmill?

The first main reason is that exercise machinery and equipment take a large amount of space in your house.

Hoarding anything that has depreciated with time does not make sense. For your own peace of mind, you should get rid of things no longer in your use.

Even more importantly, an old or expired treadmill may prove to be hazardous to your health.

Treadmills are made up of various elements that may start releasing harmful chemicals into the environment over time.

When the time comes for its disposal, it is critical to understand that you cannot simply ‘throw off’ a treadmill in the trash.

As much as an old treadmill is considered dangerous within your home, it is hazardous for the environment too.

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What Should You Do If Your Treadmill is Broken?

When a piece of machinery cracks, there are only two options: repair or remove.

Many people assume that when an instrument is broken, its quality deteriorates and must be replaced.

Rather than discarding your ruptured treadmill, you can dispose of it using one of the options listed below.

Now the question is, who will accept your damaged treadmill?

  1. Corporates who manufacture and sell parts of metals that are not in their use.
  2. Firms that are focused on making use of materials that can be reused and recycled 
  3. Firms that sell devices.
  4. Firms that particularly work and are experts in repairing and maintaining old and damaged products.

It is common for people to get rid of their exercise machinery, thinking that one would barely make use of it.

However, before you make such an abrupt decision, do consider the fact that everyone has different needs.

One man’s trash can most certainly be another man’s treasure. This means that there may be several people who would make something out of the damaged treadmill.

If your treadmill is not in a functional condition, it may not be of great use for gyms, stores, repair shops, etc.

However, some recycling companies could still utilize a damaged broken and use and recycle its various components.

Different Options for Disposing of a Treadmill

Here are a few valuable options for efficiently disposing of a treadmill:

Option 1: Dispose of via a Manufacture Take-Back Offer

If you plan to buy another treadmill, your treadmill company might give you a take-back offer.

This means that you can get rid of your old treadmill and replace it with a new one by paying a lower price on top of it.

Although not every place offers you this perk, one could always get their old equipment removed from their home for a small to zero amount.

Option 2: Donate Your Old Treadmill

If your treadmill still does the work it is meant to do, and you just want to upgrade to a new treadmill, you can consider donating it.

Play your part by contributing and donating to NGOs or orphanage houses that cannot otherwise afford to buy one.

Make sure you contact them beforehand and get all the necessary details.

Option 3: Try to Sell Off Your Old Treadmill Online

Another great way of disposing of a treadmill is by making some money out of it.

It is pretty standard for people to sell their used treadmills online regarding their sale up on Facebook groups, marketplace, Craiglist or multiple platforms.

The best part? The person who buys the treadmill from you is usually responsible for getting it delivered to .

Alternatively, you can charge a delivery service fee from the buyer and earn some extra cash on top.

Option 4: Dispose of Your Treadmill by Giving it Away for Free

Another disposal option is to list your old treadmill online for free.

You can do this by posting your treadmill’s pictures on social media and marking it ‘for free.’

Moreover, you can always place it on your front porch and label it ‘this item is for free.’

If you are lucky enough to have people roaming around in your area, there is no doubt that the treadmill would be taken away within a few days.

Option 5: Dispose of Your Treadmill through a Junk Removal Service

This is one of the best options for avoiding the hassle of disposing of a treadmill yourself.

A junk removal service company can provide you with a convenient solution for disposing of an old treadmill.

Once you have shortlisted a junk removal company of your choice, you just have to give them a call and schedule a pick-up time.

Option 6: Dispose of Your Treadmill at a Hazardous Waste Dump Site

Multiple districts provide you with hazardous waste dump sites.

Check within your city for the nearest waste dump site and schedule a drop-off time with them.

Keep in mind that some sites may charge you a nominal fee for disposing of large equipment like a treadmill.

Option 7: Gift Your Old Treadmill to Someone You Know

If your old treadmill is still in a workable condition, it is always a great option to pass it on to someone you know.

Check with your friends, relatives, neighbors, colleagues, etc., if someone is willing to accept a used treadmill for free.

Just make sure that you properly clean and tidy up the treadmill before gifting it to someone.

How to Prepare Your Treadmill for Recycling?

Recycling your old treadmill is an excellent choice if you wish to fulfill your duty as a responsible citizen.

Before you plan to do so, follow the method below to disassemble your old treadmill.

  • The first step is to place your treadmill separately where you can do all the work.
  • The next step is to move towards unscrewing the treadmill using a heavy-duty screwdriver.
  • Once you have removed all the screws, the treadmill will quickly fall into pieces.

Now you are left with five things that may be considered waste:


Cardio equipment is made of metals that keep the equipment firm and supports it.

Then comes the motor that drives your treadmill, given that your equipment runs on automatic.

Whether you want to use the metals or give them away in the junk, it is up to you.

It is also possible that you put an ad online since many firms and shops need spare metal parts that they can recycle.

Running Belt

Now, the running belt is the area of the treadmill where one usually places their foot to run/walk.

Considering you have this equipment at your home where you are responsible for its maintenance, it is expected that you have applied lubricants on it to ensure it is workable.

Here are a few options to consider for repurposing a running belt:

  • You can easily use their home/kitchen knife to cut the running belt to reuse it.
  • You can place it in driveways or as something for your floor.
  • The best way to utilize it is by making it a bathroom mat.
  • If you have animals in your home, you may also place them around their litter and food to ensure that your floor is clean.
  • To make more usage of the running belt, you may look for places inside your home where you can easily place it as a floor mat.

Running Board

Under the area where your running belt is placed, there is a hardboard known as the running board.

A running board is a hardboard type of thing that is made up out of plywood. The benefit of this board is that you can easily upcycle it.

You can use it as a protective sheet on hard furniture such as a table, desk, etc. If you have an artistic mind, you may also paint it and set up a beautiful desk in your home or room.


Considering your equipment is automatic, you will find that it contains wires and circuits under the main screen.

It is beneficial for you because this same wiring can be reused along with other electronic products no longer useable within the equipment.

Not just automatic machines, but the non-auto equipment also contains screens backed by a battery for measuring the duration of your workout and the distance you have traveled.

It is not hard to track places that help make use of such components. All you need to do is enter the zip code of your district online to discover the nearby recycling centers.


You can easily find a recycling company online that recycles plastics to help protect the environment.

The Bottom Line

We hope that you enjoyed reading this guide on ‘How to dispose of a treadmill.’

To reiterate our point, if given the option to dispose of a treadmill, never consider throwing it away in the environment.

As we discussed earlier, your second-hand treadmill can still be of great use for someone else.

You can use our tips mentioned above to practice safe and environmentally friendly disposal of treadmills.

Good Luck!

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