How to Dispose of Juul Pods?

Juul devices have become quite popular among the masses, especially youngsters. However, since the product operates on battery and disposable nicotine-containing Pods, they must be disposed of safely.

Unfortunately, the company has not set up any recycling programs or guides for the consumers to dispose of these one-time-use e-cigarettes without causing harm to the environment.

Let’s explore how you can dispose of Juul Pods safely to ensure you bring no harm to the environment.

Disposing of Juul Pods

A Juul Pod is a disposable cartridge inside the e-cigarettes manufactured by the company JUUL.

According to their website, these are non-refillable containers that contain “a proprietary nicotine-containing e-liquid formulation.”

All products containing toxic chemicals should be disposed of safely to ensure they do not cause further harm to our surroundings and the environment.

Most responsible companies that manufacture products containing e-waste have “give back” policies, where consumers can bring back the items they wish to dispose of.

Here is how you can safely dispose of Juul Pods:

Don’t Throw It Away

Since these pods contain harmful chemicals, they must be disposed of safely. You cannot just throw them into the trash because they will end up in a landfill.

When toxic items go into the landfill, they harm the soil and water in the surrounding area and do not naturally decompose, which is a big concern for the environment.

According to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), nicotine is considered an acute hazardous waste. Even if you think the cartridge is empty, it is likely to still contain some nicotine.

While they may be considered a better alternative to regular cigarettes, they raise quite a debacle for their disposal. Many vape people have questions regarding its disposal and want to act responsibly.

Since they avoid throwing them in the trash, these people are building stacks of Juul Pods that have nowhere to go.

Storing them in your home instead of disposing of them may pose a threat and lead to accidental nicotine poisoning.

It is essential to note that you should also never dump them down the toilet or empty the liquid waste into a drain. The hazardous chemical can affect the water and cause harm to living beings who consume it.


Juul may not have its own recycling policy, but other e-cigarette companies do. You can browse the packaging or their website to see what they recommend for recycling.

Some companies ask consumers to return the product they wish to dispose of, and some are even willing to pay for it.

When a company manufactures a product that cannot be disposed of properly, it is its corporate social responsibility to devise ways to recycle it or at least take it back from consumers so they don’t keep piling up the product in their homes.

Local Hazardous Waste Facility

According to Juul’s website, in order to dispose of Juul Pods, you must take them to your hazardous waste collection facility and follow the rules of your region.

However, it is important to note that not all regions have a special/hazardous waste collection facility.

That said, if you have such a facility close by, you can opt to drive by and drop off all your Juul Pods at the place.

You can go through your state’s law to see the rules for disposing of hazardous waste. If your local government has no such setup, the local environmental agency will have guidelines to follow.

When taking your e-waste to the facility, you must seal and pack it properly to ensure you deliver it safely.

Furthermore, it is essential to be careful when handling toxic products that contain nicotine because your skin can absorb the poisonous chemicals in case the pod leaks.

The problem arises when these facilities reject the Juul Pods because of their size. E-cigarettes have very small parts, which do not benefit the recycling process.

Hence, many local hazardous waste facilities do not accept Pods.


Another method of disposal is to disassemble the product and then recycle it as required. Of course, the first question that arises is, when is it safe to disassemble an e-cigarette?

Typically, an e-cigarette has 200 puffs; once you have reached that, you can remove the different components by disassembling them.

Be warned that removing the battery and other parts can be quite dangerous. It is crucial to wear safety equipment to be safe while disassembling.

You must turn off the device and remove the rechargeable battery before you begin disassembling it.

Once you have disassembled the device, you must separate the plastic, metal, and glass parts and put them in the recycling bin as required. 

Some tutorials will tell you to rinse the pods with water to get rid of the residue. However, you must not perform this step.

The water becomes hazardous waste once you run water over the pods. Now, this water must be disposed of safely because it is toxic and considered hazardous waste.

After disassembling, remember that you cannot put the rechargeable battery in the trash because it contains lithium. Throwing away batteries from e-cigarettes is dangerous to the environment.

You must dispose of them even if they cannot be used anymore.

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Why is the Disposal of Juul Pods Such a Big Concern?

People tend to throw away or leave Juul Pods in random places. Environmentalists have raised concerns about this habit. There are many high schools and colleges where these pods can be seen disposed of randomly.

While some e-cigarettes are refillable and rechargeable, disposable e-cigarettes are only made for one-time use and are a bigger concern for the environment.

Juul is one such company that produces these e-cigarettes for one-time use.

They have gained popularity among the youth, and while their sales are rising every day, they have made no effort to initiate a program for the safe disposal of their product.

However, seeing this, people have started their own ways of recycling Juul Pods. Some people actively indulge online in networking to find used pods to refill.

Although this is one of the better options available for safe disposal to many people, it is quite dangerous.

The company fills the pods knowing the quantity that is acceptable and safe. In contrast, most people are unaware of these details and may end up refilling with dangerous proportions.

There are chances of leakage or accidents during this process. Nicotine can cause nausea, dizziness, cardiac issues, and seizures.

At times it can prove to be quite fatal as well, and overdose can take a life. Environmentalists say that this can become a significant problem in the future. 

In order to tackle this situation, local authorities and environmental agencies have put together guidelines for different schools to follow.

Following these guidelines will help reduce the hazardous waste from these educational institutes and encourage students to dispose of their e-waste responsibly.

The Bottom Line

Choosing to consume e-cigarettes is your choice. However, it is important to be aware of the environment as well. 

You must own your choices and research the safe disposal of all components of e-cigarettes.

Since so many people consume Juul devices, all these people hold the responsibility just as much as the company does.

Perhaps standing together and demanding that these manufacturing companies initiate recycling programs will help bring a change.

If it isn’t done soon, there will be mountains of e-cigarettes and disposable pods everywhere. Being a responsible consumer calls for taking action when needed.

Otherwise, perhaps it is best to stop using the product altogether instead of harming the environment we all live in.

After, we all share the air we breathe.

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