How to Dispose of Vape Juice?

While vape juice has an extensive shelf life, it does expire eventually. Most manufacturers mention the expiration date on the cartridge, while some don’t.

Therefore, you may have to keep track of long it is in your possession. If it expires before you consume it, you will have to dispose of it carefully.

Improper disposal can be a threat to your health and the environment. Therefore, here’s a guide on how to dispose of vape juice safely.

Step 1 – Consult Your Local Hazardous Waste Collection Agency

Every city and state has specific requirements and laws for hazardous materials disposal.

Contact the agency in your neighborhood before you begin the disposal process.

You can then educate yourself on the necessary procedures for disposing of vape juice and old e-cigarette cartridges.

Consult Hazardous Waste Collection Agencies to Save Time, Effort, and Money

The agency will provide you with detailed instructions on the local and state-regulated disposal regulations.

You could be subject to legal action even if you dispose of vape juice properly but don’t abide by the lawful rules.

Knowing the lawful rules could prevent you from spending money on attorney fees and legal penalties. You also won’t spend time dealing with legal repercussions.

Step 2 – Dress Yourself in Appropriate Attire for Disposal

You must wear the appropriate attire when disposing of vape juice. It will keep you safe from exposure to nicotine.

Vape juice contains nicotine, which can be extremely poisonous. Nicotine can be dangerous when handling because it can be absorbed by your skin. That is why you must wear a pair of gloves, a long sleeves shirt, and protective goggles to prevent harm to your body.

Wear Gloves That Allow Adequate Control

Vape cartridges are relatively small. So, you should wear gloves that allow you to grip them properly when handling them.

That way, you won’t cause any spillage that could affect people and pets in your home. Nicotine poisoning can be fatal, so it’s imperative that you handle old vape juice with care.

You can use nitrile or latex gloves when disposing of vape juice. Doctors use these gloves because of the mobility they offer.

Nicotine won’t get absorbed in your skin when wearing these gloves. So, high-quality and comfortable gloves are important.

Wear a Long Sleeves Shirt

Wearing a long sleeves shirt can provide an additional layer of safety.

If the cartridge spills onto your arms, the shirt will prevent the skin from absorbing the nicotine. Make sure to wear a shirt that you don’t plan to wear again.

Wear Protective Goggles

The likelihood of the juice getting into your eyes is low.

However, it’s a good idea to wear protective goggles. Get a pair that wraps at the sides of your eyes and under them for maximum safety.

Step 3 – Secure a Hazardous Waste Container

Nicotine (which includes nicotine salt) is acute hazardous waste material and is listed in the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Therefore, you will need to dispose of vape juice in an appropriate hazardous waste container. The container should be able to be sealed so that none of the contents leak.

Moreover, the container should have a hazardous sign present on the exterior.

Therefore, waste management services will dispose of it appropriately.

Step 4 – Work at a Secluded Part of Your Home

Pick a secluded part of your home so that you won’t be interrupted by pets or other people in your home. As a result, you can minimize the risk of spillage.

Old vape juice can be extremely dangerous to your pet.

Step 5 – Transfer the Vape Juice into the Container

If the vape juice cartridge is still in the device, remove it. Once you have the juice separated, transfer it into the container carefully.

If you plan to dispose of the e-cigarette, turn the device off before disposing of it. Make sure to close the lid of the container securely.

You should get it ready for disposal only after the container is sealed.

Step 6 – Store the Container Safely

Until you get rid of the container with the vape juice, you must store it safely. Keep the container in an environment with a cool temperature.

Also, make sure the storage space is dry and away from any kind of edible items.

If the container is not clearly labeled as hazardous waste, mark it.

Step 7 – Contact Your Hazardous Waste Agency for Pick-Up

Contact the hazardous waste agency in your vicinity after you’ve contained the old vape juice.

The agency should provide you with instructions on how to arrange for a pick-up.

Either they will pick it up from you, or you may have to deliver it for disposal. After you have safely handed it over, you can rest easy.

What You Must Keep In Mind When Disposing of Vape Juice

Old and unused vape juice can contain traces of hazardous materials that can be harmful to you and the environment.

Keep the following in mind to ensure you limit the chances of contamination.

Do Not Throw the Vape Juice in Your Kitchen Sink

Vape juice contains nicotine, which is an acute hazardous waste, as mentioned above.

Thus, you cannot empty the vape cartridge in the kitchen sink. This is because it will contaminate the drainage system, which can put the environment at risk.

Do Not Throw the Vape Juice in the Trash

At the same time, you must not throw vape juice or e-cigarettes in the trash. That can cause accidental nicotine poisoning to people and animals that may rummage through it.

Moreover, you should avoid dumping into the toilet. Nicotine can seep into soil and water via the sewage system.

That can be highly dangerous for wildlife and human beings if they come in contact with the contaminated area.

There are thousands of nicotine poisoning cases in the US every year. Old vape juice exposure to small children can be fatal.

Therefore, it’s very important to properly dispose of vape juice.  

Do Not Try to Wash the Vape Juice Cartridge

It’s best to avoid washing the vape juice cartridge with water to remove the contents from it.

This is because it will contaminate the water with nicotine. In that case, you will have to store and dispose of the water as well.

If you don’t, you will risk the health of wildlife and your own.

Remove Rechargeable Batteries from E-Cigarette Devices

Removing the rechargeable batteries from it is also necessary when disposing of the vape device.

You can do it yourself, but it is not recommended you let a professional at the waste facility handle that.

This is because these batteries are highly volatile if you handle them incorrectly.

Do Not Dispose of Lithium-Ion Batteries Along with Vape Cartridges  

You should dispose of lithium-ion batteries separately. There have been cases where lithium-ion batteries have exploded during transport on trucks.

The resulting explosion can be extremely dangerous to those present near the battery.

So, make sure to discuss the proper disposal protocols with the hazardous waste agency in your city.

It is also to note that you must not throw any kind of rechargeable batteries in the trash.

You Can Consider Using Kitty Litter for Vape Juice Disposal  

You can consider using kitty litter for vape juice disposal. However, you should only do so after consulting your local and state hazardous waste agency.

This way, you will eliminate any risk of improper disposal that could potentially be unlawful.

Once you’ve cleared this disposal method with the respective agency, you can continue with this simple method.

Pour Old Vape Juice into Kitty Litter

Put some kitty litter into a sealable plastic bag. After that, pour the old vape juice into the kitty litter.

Make sure to wear gloves, a long sleeves shirt, and protective goggles for this step. The kitty litter should absorb all of the vape juice.

As a result, it won’t pose a risk to the environment. Kitty litter is also relatively inexpensive, so you won’t have to spend much money on this process.

After the juice is in the kitty litter bag, seal it tightly so that the contents stay secure. Next, place the bag in another sealable plastic bag for maximum safety.

You will still need to dispose of the cartridge according to the steps mentioned above.

Last Few Words

Disposing of vape juice is a relatively straightforward process. You just have to make sure not to let any of it onto your skin.

You also do not have to spend much money on the process because the container should be inexpensive.

Moreover, make sure not to use a vape cartridge after not using it for a significant period.

Unused vape juice can be harmful if you inhale it into your system.

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