How to Dispose of Old Undergarments?

Do you go through your underwear drawer in the morning to look for undergarments that don’t have holes? If yes, then chances are you need new undergarments.

However, what should you do with old undergarments that take up extra space in your drawers? Is throwing them in the trash the only option? Not at all!

There are various other ways to dispose of old undergarments that don’t involve trashing them!

Tips To Dispose of Old Undergarments

If your undergarments are old but still have some life left in them, there are a few things you can do.

Listed below are a few ways to dispose of old undergarments.

Give Away Undergarments to Thrift Stores

Thrift stores usually don’t take old underwear. But, if you don’t have any other options, this can still be a viable thing to do. Typically, only 20% of items given to thrift stores are sold again.

The remaining items are thrown away or dumped at waste disposal sites. And because people usually don’t purchase old undies, they might end up at one of these disposal sites.

But, as mentioned, if you’re out of options, see if your local thrift stores accept old undergarments.

They will probably get sold if they’re from a well-known brand or in good condition.

Donate Them to Undergarments-Specific Charities

There are various undergarment-specific charities to which you can donate your old underwear. These include:

The Bra Recyclers

The Bra Recyclers takes slightly used bras and donates them to breast cancer patients and human trafficking survivors.

Additionally, they also accept new undergarments.

I Support the Girls

This charity accepts gently-used undergarments and donates them to homeless people.

Free the Girls

Free the Girls ensures sex trafficking survivors become financially independent. They provide bras to sex trafficking victims so they can resell them and make some money.

Planet Aid

Planet Aid donates slightly used undergarments to needy people worldwide.

Donate Them to Homeless Shelters

Usually, new socks and undergarments are donated to homeless shelters. However, you can donate your slightly used, old undergarments as well.

Furthermore, you can also directly approach homeless people with gently used undergarments to check if they need some. In particular, socks are in high demand due to the cold weather.

Give Them Away to Domestic Violence Shelters

Many DV centers welcome undergarment donations since people sometimes show up at the centers wearing just what they are currently wearing. They often need brand-new underwear.

However, some DV centers accept slightly used undergarments like bras.

Donate Them Directly

The best course of action may be to donate your underwear directly if it is still in good condition.

Giving your undergarments can sometimes benefit others. Doing so offers undergarments to other people at a low cost. However, you can give them away for free as well!

Many groups that accept donations of less worn undergarments need underwear still in good condition. Donating is also a fantastic choice if you get unwanted undergarments as a gift.

Of course, you may return anything if you purchased it online and got what you didn’t expect. But, donating directly is your next-best choice if you missed the return window or there are no returns.

Recycle Your Old Undergarments

If your underwear has seen much use, another option is to recycle it. After all, your used undergarments can be recycled and made into various other items.

Some businesses recycle used undergarments to make filling for mattresses, beds, and even wall insulation.

Alternatively, some make carpets or other materials out of it. Whatever the case, your old underwear is getting a new lease on life.

The organizations listed below help recycle your old undergarments:


They recycle everything from clothes, to undergarments, etc.


Terracycle and Parade have joined hands recently to offer customers a free undergarments recycling program. They send over a bag you must fill and mail back to them.

Plus, it won’t cost any money because they also provide customers with a free shipping label.


Knickey is a green company that recycles old undergarments into materials for insulation.

Although each recycling label costs five dollars, you also receive a free pair of their organic cotton underwear. You can also recycle bras, tights, and socks with Knickey.

The Bra Recycling Agency

The Bra Recycling Agency transforms used bras and the wires of the underwired ones into carpet cushioning and magnets.

While you will have to pay money to mail them your old undergarments, the cost varies depending on how many bras are being mailed in.

This can range between five and fifteen dollars. The money they make goes into breast cancer research.

Fab Scrap

Fab Scrap is a NY-based organization that recycles old fabrics, such as clothes, undergarments, socks, etc.

Hanky Panky

Hanky Panky is an undergarments retail store that also recycles old undies.

Reuse Them

There are several uses for your old underpants. Rags are typically made out of discarded clothing. If your underwear is made of cotton, you may take out the seams and use them as a rag.

That said, they should be fit for reuse after a thorough wash and dry in the laundry room.

Here are a few other ways to reuse your old undergarments:

  • Cut them up to make a duster
  • Cut or shred them to make toy stuffing
  • Cut them to make cleaning cloths

Use Them for Arts and Crafts

There are numerous ways to use your old undergarments for arts and crafts projects at home. However, before doing this, sanitize your undergarments well. Bleach them as well, to be extra cautious.

Most washing machines have a “sanitize” option that kills germs and bacteria in your clothes. So, use that to your advantage. But, ensure that you’re not doing it to delicate undergarments.

Here are some arts and crafts projects you can try with old undergarments:

Cleaning Rags

Consider turning your socks or underwear into rags rather than purchasing new cleaning towels. In fact, you can wear them like a glove and use them to wipe down surfaces.

Plant Ties

As your plants become taller, you will need something to support them. Old undergarments are perfect for such a thing. Cut them into strips and tie your plants to support them.

Pillow Stuffing and Pet Toys

It’s a terrific technique to save money on stuffing materials because nobody can see what’s inside these toys.

If you have a pet, they could also like playing with the rags just as they are.

Alternatively, you could cut the undergarments into strips and braid them to make pet toys.

Sewing Projects

Undergarment elastics often last longer than the actual cotton or bamboo fabric. Use it for dresses, skirts, or pants by snipping it off. You can also use these elastics to make scrunchies or hair ties.


Some undergarments come in various patterns and designs. If some parts of your underwear are less worn-out than others, you can cut them up. Then, use them to create patches for other clothing items.

You can also create unique rugs and quilts by gathering different patches from old undergarments.

Compost Them

The last way to dispose of old undergarments is to compost them. You can either use commercial composting or compost them in your backyard. The choice is yours.

However, ensure that your undergarments are made from biodegradable materials. Otherwise, it will never compost.

If your undergarments are made from bamboo or cotton, they are ready for your composting bin.

Just make sure to remove any plastics or non-biodegradable materials before chucking them in your composting bin.

Here are a few non-biodegradable materials:

  • Synthetic materials
  • Spandex
  • Polyester

Here are a few biodegradable materials:

  • Silk
  • Hemp
  • Bamboo
  • Wool
  • Cotton

Steps To Compost Your Undergarments

  1. Check to ensure that your undergarments are made from biodegradable materials. However, if you’re unsure, it’s best to reuse or recycle them.
  2. If they’re made from biodegradable materials, remove all elastics.
  3. Shred them into small pieces. It will speed up the biodegradation process.
  4. Finally, throw them into your composting bin.
  5. You’re done!

Tips to Make Your Undergarments Last

Let’s talk about how to make your undergarments last. It is the first thing to do before even thinking about trashing them!

First and foremost, buy a couple of high-quality undergarments. Ensure that you purchase new underwear from eco-friendly companies that utilize sustainable, durable materials.

Choosing a sturdy material like hemp will guarantee they last several washing cycles. It will help your undergarments remain soft, comfortable, and environmentally friendly.

Another consideration while purchasing undergarments? The styles! If you like them from the start, you’ll like them when they’re old.

Finally, take care of your undergarments if you want them to last. This means washing them according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

If your undergarments develop holes, grab a needle and thread and sew some patches to fix them. If you follow these instructions, your undergarments can easily last five years or more.

A Few Other Tips to Increase Your Undergarment’s Life

Consider these tips to keep your undergarments in good condition:

  • Go for a shorter wash cycle
  • Wash with cold water and air dry to decrease the chances of fiber breakage

Wrapping Up

Don’t worry! There are multiple things you can do to dispose of old undergarments. Of course, you can wear them until they literally tear up to pieces.

However, old undergarments are better suited for the recycling program or your compost bin.

So, whatever you do, please don’t throw them away into landfills. These sites already have enough waste they can handle!

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