How to Dispose of an Ouija Board? 8 Safe Ways!

We all have probably played Ouija board during sleepovers and game nights in our teens and have been spooked by it.

As we grew up, the chances are that your Ouija board is collecting dust somewhere, and you don’t use it anymore.

Whatever the reason, if you need to discard your Ouija board, you have come to the right place. We will guide you on how to dispose of an Ouija board safely and correctly.

When to Dispose of a Ouija Board?

If weird incidents start happening with your board, the chances are your board is probably broken or some mysterious forces are at work.

This is your sign to get rid of your old one and buy a new one if you want to.

  1. The planchette often moves of its own accord
  2. The planchette points to power numbers such as 666
  3. The Ouija board starts naming some demons
  4. The board starts saying ‘evil’ things too often, such as DEATH, etc., and confesses to its evil origins.

What will happen if you don’t dispose of your Ouija Board properly?

It is imperative that Ouija boards be disposed of properly. Otherwise, they can release any residual energy.

There is a proper way to discard it, and improper handling can release demonic forces and evil spirits that may cause harm and chaos.

The Ouija board should not be burned, scratched, or cut into pieces. This may provoke or antagonize the spirits who possess the board and get attached to you.

Instead of breaking the bond, this may cause further difficulty when you want to give the board away.

It’s a well-known belief that spirits and demons are made out of hellfire.

They thrive in fire, and burning the Ouija board will have absolutely no effect on them. Instead, they will laugh and taunt you and find other ways to irritate you.

Mistletoe is an excellent countermeasure of all types of light energy, such as fires and lightning.

If you accidentally burn the Ouija board, adding mistletoe to the remains will trap the escaping spirits so they cannot harm you any further.

There are many other ways of disposing of Ouija board properly, such as covering it in organic cloth or disposing of the board along with materials like salt, iron nails, diamonds, etc.

Keep reading this blog to find out how to dispose of the Ouija board the right way.

How to Dispose of a Ouija Board – Different Methods to Consider

Disposal Method # 1 – Bury Your Ouija Board

There are a lot of theories on how to bury the Ouija board. The most widely accepted one is to bury the board upside down. You can either do this in a normal graveyard or a consecrated one.

Wrap the board and planchette separately in pieces of cloth so that they don’t touch each other.

After burying the board, fill the hole with soil and lay a thick covering of salt over it. Make sure that there are no gaps in the salt layer.

The legend is that when it rains next, the ground will absorb all the salt and purify the Ouija board from within.

Things to look after:

Make sure to bury the board right before a good storm so the salt does not get blown away before it can rain.

Keep putting salt again if any holes or gaps appear in the layer.

Disposal Method # 2 – Give Your Ouija Board to Someone

Although a powerful bond exists between the owner and their Ouija board, it can be broken once it passes onto the next hands.

Instead of breaking it up or discarding it, you can just hand it out to another person who will gladly make use of it. After all, one person’s junk is another person’s treasure.

There are still a few things that you should take care of before giving away your Ouija board.

The board and planchette must be wrapped separately to avoid contact between them. Make sure your planchette’s glass doesn’t break while handling it.

Disposal Method # 3 – Use the Holy Water Method to Dispose of Your Ouija Board

According to famous legends, the Holy Water method is one of the most appropriate options for respectfully disposing of an Ouija board.

The way this method works is that you have to cut your board into seven different pieces and bury each of these pieces separately.

According to Christian beliefs, the number seven holds great significance, and hence it is applied for the safe disposal of Ouija boards.

Once you have all your seven pieces, you sprinkle Holy Water on them before burying them.

This ensures that all the evil spirits will now leave your Ouija board and not haunt you back anymore, even after the burial.

Disposal Method # 4 – Return Your Ouija Board to The Shop

If it hasn’t been too long since you bought the board, you can probably get it returned at the store.

You will need to have the receipt proving that you bought the board and make sure that it is still in good condition and packaging.

The shop may refuse you a refund if the item looks too used or you cannot prove that you paid for it.

Disposal Method # 5 – Donate Your Ouija Board to an Antique Store or Charity Home

Another method of disposing of an Ouija board is by giving it away.

Many people and stores alike like to add such items to their collections.

Your Ouija board may be treasured by any local charity or a store, or by simply anyone who wants it just to have good fun at a sleepover and is unable to find it elsewhere due to some reason.

Disposal Method # 6 – Get Professional Help for Disposing of Your Ouija Board

If things seem too serious, or you do not want to handle the Ouija board personally, you can always take help from a professional. It can be any priest, a rabbi, or any trusted advisor.

They will understand the situation and go to any length to cleanse your house and protect you. They may also know methods of disposing of the board better than you and can do it for you.

Disposal Method # 7 – Throw Your Ouija Board the Trash 

If you are not superstitious, then disposing of an Ouija board shouldn’t be a problem for you.

You can dispose of it just like you would dispose of any other board game, that is, throw it away in the trash.

Disposal Method # 8 – Recycle Your Ouija Board

Just like the previous one, this disposal method is also more applicable to people who do not believe in superstitions. 

This option is also safe for the environment as the Ouija board, in reality, is just a cardboard game.

There are various ways you can recycle an Ouija board. Some of them are shared below:

  • Paint over it and use it as artwork. You can also wrap gift paper on it.
  • Cut your Ouija board into smaller pieces and use it as lining for your drawers or use the cardboard pieces as separators.
  • Use the cardboard base of the Ouija boards for your art projects. You can also stick printouts on it and use it as wall decor.
  • Frame the Ouija Board and use it as an art display. You can hang it on the wall or use it as a tray or table top protector.
  • Use it as a base while working on crafts projects that involve blades and cutters. 

How to Bless Your Ouija Board before Disposing of it?

Before disposing of the board, bless it or recite prayers over it. You can do this through whichever faith you follow or believe in.

This will effectively shut out any spirits or demons that can make their way back to you and make you use the board again.

Just to be on the safe side, using physical means in addition to prayers is also a good idea. Many materials such as garlic, iron nails, holy water, salt, etc., are widely known to trap and keep evil out.

You can make a small box in which you put your Ouija board. Cover the board and planchette in organic materials (such as cotton or silk).

Add any of the following materials that you may possess or are easily available such as garlic or belladonna.

Many crystals such as diamond and quartz also have excellent protective abilities. They are a bit on the expensive side but adding them to the box will guarantee effective banishing of the spirits.

For the final step, you can fill the box to the brim with salt and then secure it with iron nails. Sea and rock salt are better at trapping evil energies.

If you are able to follow all these steps together, you will be successful in protecting yourself and preventing the escape of any evil.

The Bottom Line

We hope this guide on ‘How to dispose of Ouija board’ was helpful for you. The final decision comes down to whether you believe in the power of Ouija boards or not.

In either case, we have shared various disposal options in this guide, which you may find helpful when disposing of your Ouija boards.

Good luck in keeping the evil spirits away!

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