How to Dispose Of Dog Poop Properly?

Dog ownership comes with lots of responsibilities. Ownership of the dog increases your waste quotient whether it’s measured in water or plain dog poop.

Ignoring the problem can have nasty results. You can end up in spiteful feuds with your neighbor destroying your reputation in the neighborhood.

How to Dispose Of Dog Poop Properly?

Throwing away dog poop requires special care. In this blog post, you will find out tips to properly dispose of dog poop.

1. Use Biodegradable Bags

The greenest option to dispose of dog poop is scoping the poop in a biodegradable plastic bag. Plastic bags such as BioBag are examples of degradable plastic bags.

These bags don’t contain any plastic. The bags won’t break down in landfills causing environmental pollution.

Biodegradable bags are corn-based. They are manufactured using corn plant rather than oil-based plastic. These bags can decompose safely into harmless organic materials.

You don’t have to worry about causing damage to the environment when you use biodegradable bags for disposing dog poop.

But you need to be careful when buying biodegradable bags for collecting dog poops. The fact is not all biodegradable bags live up to the claim. Some of these bags are not unlike other plastic bags.

You should consider buying bags that conform to the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTN) D6400 standards. In some states such as California, the sale of bags with label ‘biodegradable’, ‘degradable’, and ‘compostable’ is illegal unless they conform with the ASTEN D6400 standards.

2. Flushable Dog Poop Pouches

Flushable dog poop pouches are also a good option for disposing of dog poop. You should simply put the poop in the bag and flush in the toilet. The bag will break down in the swear water without releasing the harmful substance.

The harmful pathogens in the poop will be fed to the municipal wastewater treatment plant. But you should consider checking with the municipal to find out if the system can handle the load.

A word of warning is that you should never flush cat waste. A parasite found the cat waste known as Toxoplasma gondii leads to significant health problems.

The parasite is harmful to both humans and animals. The decline of sea otters and infected crabs and shellfish is linked to the flushing of cat waste in sewage water. Sewage systems cannot remove this parasite due to which it is discharged in bays and rivers.

3. Worm Farming

Worm farming is another environmentally friendly way to dispose of dog poop. You can make use of the green technique even if you don’t have a yard.

Moreover, the technique will also allow you to dispose of kitchen waste such as apple cores and potato peels.

Worms can eat and digest the dog waste. Feeding poop to the worms will help you get rid of the odor. You can use the resulting worm poo as a conditioner for the soil and the waste worm liquid as a fertilizer.

You can use any variety of worms for farming dog poo. Worms like a balanced diet. Apart from dog poo and veggies, you can also feed newspapers and leaves to your worms.

You can also feed unbleached wet cardboards to your worms. This will make your worms healthy resulting in better compost for your farm.

A word of caution regarding poor farming is that you should never handle the compost with your bare hands. In addition, you should not walk with bare feet on the compost.

Dog poops contain parasitic internal worms. Contact with the parasitic worms can result in a serious infection. For the same reason, you should never feed the compost to edible plants. This is important to avoid infections due to eating food from the farm.

Consider placing compost about two meters away from paths in your yard where you lie or walk with bare feet.

4. Burry the Dog Poop

You can safely bury your dog poop in the yard. Consider using a plastic basin or spade to dig a hole in the ground. Choose well-drained soil that is far from tree roots and away from the walking path.

Dig a hole measuring about half a meter deep. The hole should also be about 30 centimeters in diameter. Burry the dog poop in the hole and cover up with soil.

5. Clean Dog Poop in Septic Tank

Cleaning dog poop in a special dog poop septic tank system is yet another environmentally friendly way to get rid of dog poop. Collect the dog waste using gloves and then drop it in the septic tank basin.

You should add about a liter of water and sprinkle about two packets of septic tank starter on top of the poop. Next, put the lid on the hole. The septic tank starter will promote bacterial growth and decompose the poop within 48 hours.

Consider cleaning the septic tank with water once a month. The poop inside the tank will turn to the liquid that washes into the soil.

The remaining hummus can be removed every three years. There will be no smell even when you use the tank system to decompose a large amount of poop.

Using the septic tank is a high-tech way to conveniently get rid of dog poop. Septic systems such as the Doggie Dooley Septic Tank work similarly to a home septic tank. The system provides a central location to dispose of the waste.

The dog poop is flushed to the underground chamber and a natural process using enzymes is used to decompose the waste. You can also compost the waste and let it flow to the soil around the system.

Homemade septic tanks can also be made using only a 5-gallon bucket. You can fill the bucket using enzymes for portable potties for campers.

Just place a hole in the ground, fill it with grave, and place the tank in the center of the pit. Dog poop placed inside the bucket will be decomposed by the enzymes. When the bucket fills, the wastewater flows to the nearby soil.

6. Hire Dog Poop Waste Removal Service

You can also leave the task of removing the dog poop from the experts. An expert dog poop removal company can remove the waste using safe and environmentally friendly techniques.

These companies make an earning by removing dog waste so they will be happy to do the dirty work for you. They are also easy to find.

Just Google ‘best dog poop removal company in the city’ and select one with the best reviews. Most allow weekly subscription.

In case there is no company that offers the service, you can advertise the job on craigslist or eBay. Some neighborhood kids looking for easy cash may accept to do the work for you.

Should You Let Dog Poop Lay in Your Yard?

The answer is no! Dog poops are not just an eyesore. They are also a health hazard. Just a gram of poop contains more than 23 million fecal bacteria. There is no wonder the EPA has designated dog poor as environmental pollution.

Harmful bacteria present in dog poop can spread leading to health hazards. They can spread through the yard and inside the house. The bacteria can spread through the air leading to various infections.

The harmful bacteria can settle in the groundwater or soil where they can thrive for more than a year.

Bacteria found in the dog poop can lead to salmonella, E. coli, and campylobacteriosis infections.

Dog poop also contains viruses and parasites including parvovirus, coronavirus, coccidian, worms, and giardia. Older people, children, babies, and pregnant women are at particular risk of infections.

Remember to use proper practices for disposing dog poop. The popular method of disposing of the dog waste in plastic bags results in environmental pollution.

Placing your dog poop three times a day in a plastic bag results in about 1,000 bags in the landfill a year. Plastic bags take thousands of years to decompose in landfills.

Selecting the Right Tool for Dog Poop Removal

Make sure that you select the right tool for the removal of the dog poop. You must select proper scoopers and rakes for picking up dog waste. There are many different types of tools that you can use to remove the waste.

With dog poop rakes, you can easily scoop up the poop and put it in a bag. Moreover, you can use contraptions having jaws to grab the dog poop for disposal.

The jaws open and close to easily pick up poop particularly from the grass.

In addition, you can select litter pans and shovel-like scoops to pick up the poop. These tools are specially designed to reduce the bending you have to do when cleaning up the dog’s mess.


You can prevent the spread of harmful diseases and environmental pollution by disposing of your dog poop properly.

The tips mentioned in this blog post can help you dispose of dog poop in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

In case the neighbor’s dog is doing the pooping in your yard, you should inform your neighbor about the dangers of dog poops mentioned in this post.

In addition, you can purchase a No Poop Sign to encourage your neighbor to take action for removing dog poop from your yard.

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