How to Dispose of Old Passports?

How to dispose of old passport

If you have an expired passport, you should dispose of it properly. Don’t simply throw it in the trash. Instead, destroy it entirely so that no personal data can be …

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How to Dispose of a Lava Lamp?

How to dispose of lava lamp

Lava lamps might seem retro, but they are making a comeback. However, everything gets old, and sometimes lava lamps break. How do you get rid of a lava lamp? Is …

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How to Dispose of Human Ashes?

How to dispose of human ashes

Disposing of human ashes may seem like a macabre and morbid task, but the process is relatively intuitive if done the right way. The most critical aspects of disposing of …

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How to Dispose of Poison Ivy?

How to dispose of Poison Ivy

Anyone who has had a run-in with poison ivy knows what a painful plant it can be. Close contact can lead to swelling, rashes, and worse. It’s important to remove …

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How to Dispose of Plastic Straws?

How to Dispose of plastic straws

It is a common misconception that plastic straws are universally recyclable. Plastic straws are not biodegradable and therefore pollute the environment. With over 500,000 straws used every day in the …

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4 Best Ways to Dispose of a Piano

How to Dispose of a Piano

Pianos are stunning instruments that can indeed produce some beautiful tunes. But when it comes to picking up the instrument, pianos are one of the most difficult – in more …

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How to Dispose of Old Clothes?

How to dispose of old clothes

Are piles of old clothes sitting around your home? Personally, I had a box of old clothing sitting in my closet for months before I decided on what to do …

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