How to Dispose of a Bible? 6 Accepted Methods!

People often wonder, “what is the correct way to dispose of a bible?” While this may not be frequent and occurring, it is asked quite often.

When you have had a Bible for too long, and it seems to be getting old and worn out, you may consider getting yourself a new one.

However, what should one do with the old one? How do we properly dispose of an old Bible? Let’s find out!

Making the Most of An Old Bible

While we respect the Bible as the words of God in written form and hold it in the highest regards, the book is simply paper.

So, the answer is yes. You can most definitely dispose of an old Bible. You could choose to do whatever you feel is most respectful and let it go.

However, just because a Bible looks old does not necessarily mean you have to get rid of it. You can always find ways to make the best of it instead of disposing of it.

We have listed some of the best ways to make the most of your existing Bible.

The Best Way: Consider Donating The Bible

If your Bible is in moderate condition, then your best option for disposal is donating it. You could choose to either give to someone you have in mind or donate to a charity or even your local church.

This way, you are helping someone who may not have had the chance to own one and spreading the word of God.

Check-in with your local churches, shelters, or libraries. They mostly take in donations and would accept your offer.

Libraries and shelters often hold religious focus groups that could use a Bible or two for those who do not have the privilege of owning one.

Try Restoring or Rebinding Your Old Bible?

If your Bible has started to wear out or has gotten too old, you do not necessarily have to dispose of it. You could always try restoring or getting your Bible rebound.

Several book repairers do a phenomenal job of transforming old books into a completely new look.

If your Bible happens to hold sentimental value or was important for you for any reason, then restoring the same version makes much more sense.

However, the only setback with professionally restoring or rebinding your old Bible is that it comes at a price.

Most book repairers charge a fee for their services, including shipping and delivery. There is also a high chance that they would charge a higher fee for Bible restoration specifically.

So, if it is just an ordinary Bible and does not have any added value attached to it, then it is a much better option to purchase a newer version.

Keep it Safe for Traditional Purposes

Most people keep certain Bibles in their families safe and away from everyday use, so they may not deteriorate.

If your Bible is getting old, and you do not want to dispose of it, you could always consider keeping it away somewhere safe.

You could use the Bible as a family heirloom or start your tradition of passing down the Bible through generations, which is a very common practice these days.

How to Dispose of An Old Bible?

While we have covered that it is perfectly okay for you to dispose of an old Bible, there are certain ways in which it is permissible to do so.

If you have fully decided to dispose of your Bible, we have listed down some of the most respectful ways.

Keep reading to find out how.

Option # 1: Pay Your Respects Towards the Bible

The Bible is known as the text formation of the holy words of God. Hence, it is called the Holy Book. However, while the words in it hold major significance, the paper itself is just ordinary.

There is no denying that the book deserves a certain amount of respect regardless of whether you are disposing of it or not.

So as long as you respect the Bible and choose to dispose of it with the same intentions, any option you choose should be perfectly fine.

Some people often tend to offer a certain prayer before disposing of the Bible to show their respect. However, this is not required by religion – it is only done according to preference.

However, you must be careful and never dispose of a Bible through a method that may be disrespectful towards the book.

While it may seem okay to do such a thing to any ordinary book since it’s just paper and words, but it is most definitely considered a sin if done to the words of God.

So, make sure you choose wisely and do not forget the significance of the Bible, regardless of how old or new it is.

Option # 2: Bury the Bible

One of the most respectful ways to dispose of a Bible is through burial.

In this way, you would be returning the Holy Book to the ground, to Earth. You could have a small private burial or an open burial; that is simply a matter of choice.

You could invite family members to the burial and recite a small prayer before or during the ceremony.

Some people may even call their priest to supervise or help host the burial of their Bible, and it is always respectful to place some mark or stone to detonate the burial area.

Option # 3: Cremation of the Bible

Another common practice when it comes to disposing of the Bible is through cremation. This is very similar to the practice of cremating national flags.

Some people may associate burning the Bible as an act of disrespect or aggression towards the book. If your intentions are correct, and you do so respectfully, there is nothing wrong with the procedure.

To successfully cremate the Bible, you will first need to build a fire large enough to consume the whole book and then carefully place the Bible within it and watch it burn with the utmost respect.

Like the burial process, you can always say a prayer or two if you would like while the cremation process occurs.

Option # 4: Dispose of the Bible Through Recycling

Another one of the options when it comes to disposing of your Bible is recycling. Since, ultimately the Bible is made out of paper, recycling is not a bad option.

Moreover, recycling is a greener and environmentally friendly way of disposing of your Bible. In a way, you will be giving back to God by preserving His planet Earth and choosing sustainability.

Recycling the Bible also indicates that no new trees will be needed to cut down, and no new paper will be needed to create an additional Bible.

While we understand that some people don’t want to throw the Bible in their recycling trash because that may seem derogatory or disrespectful.

If you truly want to respect the Bible and distinguish its significance, you could create a separate storage box or bag for the book to be placed in to separate it from the regular recycling trash.

Option # 5: Consult Your Local Church or Priest About Disposal

While most churches or priests accept all kinds of disposals if done with the correct intent. Some churches may have particular rules on how to dispose of the Bible accurately.

If you belong to such a church, it is probably best suited to consult your church before going ahead and doing anything.

Option # 6: Dispose of Bible with The Dead

If you or your loved ones have requested to be buried or cremated with the Bible, then that is a perfectly fine way to dispose of the Bible.

Ensure the deceased will for particular instructions of where the Bible is and how they would like to be buried with it.

Similarly, if you wish to be buried with a Bible, then make sure to mention it clearly in your will and state the location of the Bible clearly.

At the funeral, you can then place the Bible onto the deceased within the casket for viewing.

After which, they can both be buried or cremated together, whatever you choose to do.This is also counted as a respectful way to dispose of the Bible.

The Bottom Line

Disposing of an old Bible is not as hard as you think. As tricky as it may sound, the procedures are quite simple and easy to conduct, given that you are doing them respectfully.

We hope this guide on ‘How to dispose of Bible’ helped you choose the most effective way to dispose of your Bible.

While we recommend donating the Bible if it is in an appropriate condition. This way, those who do not have access to words or teachings of God get a fair chance. Good luck!

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