How to Dispose of Documents Without a Shredder?

We all know how quickly information can fall into the wrong hands, therefore protecting our private information has become a priority for us all.

Most users dispose of documents by shredding them.

However, some of us don’t own a shredding machine, while others have burned the shredding machine’s motors by using it way too much and wasted hundreds of dollars on the process.

Which brings us to the question: how to dispose of documents without a shredding machine?

This article will help you learn several safe alternatives to dispose of paper without spending much. So, let’s begin!

Shred It Yourself!

Shredding your documents by hand is the first and most time-consuming option.

This is not only time-consuming, but it is also unlikely to be as safe as the other options.

It is, however, easy to accomplish and requires nothing more than your hands and a little effort.

When shredding documents by hand, make sure to rip the sensitive areas into several pieces.  

Also, we strongly advise separating the shredded pieces and placing them in different recycling or garbage bins that will be emptied at separate times.

If anybody tries to access your trash bin, there is a lower likelihood that they will find all the pieces of a specific document.

Decompose the Paper

Composting documents with your coffee, filters, and food is a more environmentally friendly way to dispose of documents without a shredder.

Paper decomposes quickly during the composting process and contributes carbon to nature’s carbon-nitrogen balance.

However, make sure the document can be composted. Glossy paper, for example, should not be composted since it may contain toxic pollutants and inflammatory compounds.

If you would like to keep your composting procedure safe and get the job done effectively, you should first shred them into tiny bits.

After that, progressively incorporate the paper fragments into your compost. If you put a lot of paper at once, it can toss off the nitrogen and carbon equilibrium.

You can also decompose the paper by mulching it if you own a garden. Simply put the documents in a wood chipper and then mix it with the fertilizer.

The compost will help the plants grow well, and you will be at peace knowing your documents are out of reach.

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Set It on Fire

Burning confidential documents in a fire pit is one of the quickest and convenient alternatives to dispose of paper without using a shredder.

We suggest you rip your items into finer pieces and throw them into the flames a little at a time so they easily burn and the fire is manageable for you.

After the fire is out, make sure the ashes are thoroughly broken up and there aren’t any legible pieces of paper left in the pit.

We also suggest not doing this when you have many documents as it may feed the fire a little too much and become a fire hazard.

If you still opt for this option, we want you to follow some guidelines and know the consequences.

Make sure the smoke does not reach your or anyone else’s home as it may damage the walls with soot and decrease the property’s value.

The smoke is also harmful if breathed in and may cause different lunch and skin diseases.

The smoke can also produce air pollution, which is very harmful to the ozone layer.

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Pulp It Up

The process is a time-consuming yet extremely effective method of destroying outdated critical documents.

You will need a fair amount of bleach and a large garbage pail that is bleach resistant, and fill it up with half-liter bleach.

Bleach degrades paper and dissolves ink, making it ideal for turning documents into incomprehensible pieces.

However, when handling bleach, take care not to get it on your skin and operate in a well-ventilated environment.

After the bleach, it’s time to add five liters of water to dilute the bleach and immerse the documents completely in the water.

You can increase or decrease the amount of liquid depending on how many documents you have to destroy.

But make sure the water to bleach ratio is the same.

Get It Shredded

You can also pay a company with a shredding service to take care of your documents if you like to shred your documents and consider it one of the safer or easier alternatives to dispose of paper but do not have the time or resources to do it yourself.

Although this is not the most secure method, it does take far less effort on your behalf.

The process is very simple, and the service providers will send an agent to collect the documents and other papers that you would like to get shredded and let them handle it for you.

They ensure complete safety and confidentiality of your documents, so you do not need to worry about it.

They do so by mixing up your document’s shred into a large bin with other shredded documents and mix them up.

This makes it very hard, even impossible, for anyone to find out, read, or understand your documents.

Celebrate Shred Day!

Many small companies provide “shred days” when they shred your documents for you as a benefit to local clients.

Find out if your bank, finance company, or recycling franchise provides shredding services on specific days of the year.

This procedure is commonly offered for free, so if you are willing to preserve your sensitive papers for a little longer duration, it could be an excellent alternative to dispose of paper.

External shredding services are also advantageous because they often give a better quality of shredding.

They will not only shred your documents into smaller bits, but they will also mix them in greater amounts than you can ever do by yourself, making it much harder for anybody to understand or exploit the information.

Soak and Wash Them

If you have ever put a critical piece of paper in the washing machine by accident, you know how damaging such machines can be to paper.

Another easy way to destroy sensitive documents is to immerse them in water.

This approach does need some patience, but when done correctly, it may be quite successful.

Simply place your confidential documents in a pantyhose or garment bag and throw them in the wash to render them inaccessible.

Allow them to soak in a bucket of water for at least 24 hours.

After soaking, thoroughly combine the paper and water solution to break up the paper. Use a drill with a paint mixing attachment if possible.

Some individuals try to expedite the process by using chlorine, bleach, or other chemicals, but this is not required or recommended since it might be risky, and your skin may get irritable if it comes in contact with the diluted chemical.

Water should be able to accomplish the work on its own if you have enough time.

Drain the water outdoors in your yard when finished, then discard the leftover paper pulp.

Use Shredding Scissors

Shredding scissors are a simple and very affordable technique to imitate a shredding machine.

These shredding scissors function as manual shredders by making numerous cuts at once.

Shredding scissors work the same way as shredding machines do and cut the paper in strips; therefore, they do not offer the same level of protection as crosscut shredding.

Try to combine these scissors with a few ways suggested in this article as a starting step.

Chemical Degradation

One of the most dangerous but promising alternatives to paper is chemically degrading the documents with acid.

We suggest you opt for this option only if other options would not work for you.

Before you begin the process, we recommend wearing rubber gloves, safety goggles, and a big plastic bucket.

Do not use a metal bucket as it may react with the acid and dissolve or cause more destruction.

You should also make sure there are no children within your vicinity, or they might come in contact with the acid during the chemical degradation.

After you are done with the initial preparations, it is time to bring in the main ingredient: muriatic or hydrochloric acid.

It is strong enough to dissolve the paper within minutes.

Before pouring it into the bucket, remember that the chemical process will produce heat and a bit of splashing, so you should move away from the bucket as soon as you pour the chemical in.

Watching this show can cost you much more than money!

To begin the process, simply put the documents in the bucket.

Whether you tear them before throwing them in or not, they will get dissolved either way. After the paper, pour the acid into the bucket, and it will be dissolved after a little while.

Make sure you dispose of the dissolved documents as chemical waste at a toxic waste site to keep them from destroying the environment.

The whole process is very risky and inconvenient, which is why we recommend you do it only if it is very necessary.


Whether you shred the documents yourself, use chemicals to dissolve them, or burn them entirely, you are lowering your chances of having your privacy violated.

And trust us when we say it is not something you would like to deal with.

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