How to Dispose of a Computer Keyboard?

A computer set is incomplete without a keyboard, so if you’ve got a desktop computer at home, you’ll obviously have a keyboard too.

Keyboards are the most roughly used component of a computer set and won’t last forever.

If you just bought a new keyboard, you may be wondering how to dispose of the old keyboard. If yes, continue reading ahead!

Can you Throw Away Computer Keyboard in the Trash?

If your keyboard is old and completely unusable, you might want to toss it in the trash can and get it off your hands. As convenient as that sounds, that’s not the right way to dispose of a keyboard.

Keyboards are electronics, and all electronics fall into the hazardous waste category. And it goes without saying that hazardous waste can’t be tossed in the trash just like that!

If you throw your old computer keyboards in the trash, they’ll end up in the landfills. Your keyboard may be useless, but it certainly doesn’t belong in landfills.

Computer keyboards are majorly made of plastic and coated with brominated fire retardant chemicals. The cords are primarily copper. All of these materials have serious environmental impacts.

It’s no hidden fact that plastics have a detrimental environmental impact. They aren’t biodegradable and stay around to harm the environment for several years.

The fire retardant that these computer keyboards are coated with is also hazardous. The chemical can leach out from the keyboard, contaminate the soil and groundwater, and may wash into oceans and affect marine life.

Not to mention the additional load on the already overburdened waste management. Throwing away old keyboards will only add to the bulk of the waste in landfills.

What you can do, that helps you get rid of your old keyboard, and prevents any further damage to the environment, is to recycle your computer keyboards.

They’re mostly plastic and can be recycled!

How to Dispose of Computer Keyboard?

Let’s explore the numerous options when it comes to disposing of old computer keyboards.

Donate the Keyboard

If your computer keyboard is still working and is in good shape, you can always donate it to someone who could use it.

It can be your friend or anyone in your circle who might not want to spend too much money on a keyboard. You can also donate your keyboard or any other piece of computer equipment to Goodwill.

This way, your keyboard will continue to stay in use and won’t end up in landfills.

Sell the Keyboard

You can also sell your old computer keyboard at a fraction of the price that you purchased it at, provided that your keyboard is still in perfect working order.

You shouldn’t consider selling or donating your laptop if it isn’t functioning fully. That’s extremely unethical.

If the only reason you’re disposing of your computer keyboard is that you bought an advanced model, and your old keyboard is working just fine, you can definitely earn some money by selling it!

Look For Recycling Companies

If your keyboard isn’t in perfect working condition and you donating or selling it isn’t an option, you should consider recycling it.

The keyboard is majorly made of plastic, and the best thing about plastic products is that they can be recycled in numerous ways.

However, if you don’t have the time or energy to recycle your old computer keyboard yourself, you can always look for responsible recycling companies who can take care of your keyboard for you.

Professional recycling companies will dismantle the keyboard into its respective components and put the parts that can be used to good use.

They’ll ensure that the keyboard doesn’t end up in landfills.

Exchange the Keyboard

Some manufacturers offer a service where you can exchange your old computer keyboards with newer models and only pay a small amount for the new laptop.

You can check with your keyboard manufacturer to see if they offer the service. If they do, it’s one of the best options!

Not only does it help you get rid of your old laptop, but it also gets you a new one cheaper!

Repurpose the Keyboard

If you’re into fun DIY projects, you can put your old computer keyboard to good use.

You’ll be amazed to know how many ways your computer keyboard can be used in small DIY projects.

Recycle the Keyboard

The best way to dispose of your computer keyboard is to recycle it. Recycling will bring the usable components of the keyboard into use and prevent all of the keyboards from ending in landfills.

Recycling will ensure zero contribution from your side towards environmental damage.

Since you know how much the plastics and chemicals used in making keyboards can harm the environment, it’s best to keep them from ending up in landfills.

Why It’s Advisable To Contact Professional Recyclers?

When we talk about recycling computer keyboards, you’ve got to separate the recyclable and non-recyclable hazardous components.

If you’ve never done this before, you might not know how to do it. In fact, you can’t do this highly technical task without prior training or experience.

Trying to separate a computer keyboard’s recyclable and non-recyclable parts can result in injuries or exposure to harmful chemicals.

Trying to disassemble a keyboard or any electronic item yourself without training or guidance is as dangerous as tossing e-waste into the garbage.

For this reason, it’s highly advisable that you don’t attempt to do it yourself. Look for reputable recyclers that you can trust.

Professional recycles have trained staff that knows how to handle e-waste.

Not only do they handle the e-waste properly, but they also bring the usable components into great use and discard the rest of the unusable waste correctly.

Choosing The Right E-Waste Recyclers

If you’ve decided to hand over your old computer keyboard to a professional recycler and let them take care of it for you, you should ensure that you choose the right recyclers.

Trusting the wrong e-waste recyclers is equivalent to disposing of the computer keyboard the wrong way, which will eventually harm the ecosystem.

Below are some tips that will help you choose the right recyclers to recycle and dispose of your old computer keyboard.

Enquire About Their Procedures

The most important thing that you must ask a potential recycling company is how they recycle computer keyboards.

If they simply crush them and dump them in the landfills, they are pretty much doing what we’re advising you not to do!

The recycling company should be able to walk you through the process they use to recycle and dispose of old computer keyboards without any hesitation.

In case they show reluctance or give you the usual ‘confidentiality’ excuses, know that your computer keyboard won’t be disposed of correctly.

Ask About How They Can Facilitate You

One of the many reasons why many people dispose of computer keyboards in their trash is the hassle they’ve got to go through otherwise.

Not many people have got the time and temperament to manage proper disposal.

If the recyclers want you to drop an old computer keyboard at their facility, you may not do it because if you had the energy, you would have taken care of the disposal yourself.

Choose a recycler who can pick up the old computer keyboard from your house so that there’s no excuse for not disposing of the old computer keyboard responsibly.

The 3 R’s

The rule of 3 Rs: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, is what you must follow when dealing with any electronic waste like old computer keyboards.


The first approach towards managing e-waste like computer keyboards is to reduce the waste in the first place.

If you want to buy a new keyboard because your old one isn’t working as well as it once did, first try to repair it.

You can buy a new keyboard if the old one can’t be repaired.


If you’ve bought a new keyboard to upgrade to a newer model, you should look for ways to keep it from ending up in landfills.

You can donate or sell your computer keyboard that you no longer want to use so that it stays in use as long as possible.


Keyboards are made of plastic, and this makes them absolutely recyclable. If your computer keyboard is damaged beyond repair, recycle it.

Now that you know throwing away old computer keyboards in the trash isn’t an option, you might want to know your options.

Bottom Line

Computer keyboards come under the category of hazardous electronic waste, and just like any other electronic waste, you can’t throw them directly in your trash.

You can donate, sell, reuse and repurpose, or recycle the old computer keyboard that you don’t need anymore.

As far as the recycling of electronic waste is concerned, your best bet is trusting a reputable e-waste recycling company that can take care of computer keyboard disposal end to end!

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