How To Dispose Of Computer Monitors? 5 Easy Ways!

Even though old computer monitors can look like useless junk, it is important to dispose of them carefully and in the correct manner.

Huge monitors that occupy a lot of space are no longer considered a part of modern technology, so people do not think twice before trashing them.

However, you should refrain from kicking a computer monitor out of your house just like the rest of your trash because it comes under hazardous waste.

Computer Monitors Can Turn Into Toxic Waste

All electronic equipment is supposed to be disposed of in a careful manner so that it does not become a hazard to the environment.

If a computer monitor is sent to a landfill, it can release harmful compounds that can penetrate into the soil and groundwater, hurting the environment.

These harmful compounds and chemicals can also enter the drinking water supply if they trickle down into lakes and rivers.

This is especially true for third-world countries where landfills are more common and not taken care of as well as they are in a first-world country.

Therefore, to properly dispose of your computer monitor and save it from forming into hazardous toxic waste, here are a few sustainable ways that you can follow:

Ways To Dispose Of Computer Monitors

Let’s take a look at what you can do with computer monitors that are no longer needed or are outdated, considering the fast-changing trends of today.

Send It Back To A Computer Manufacturer

Electronic devices such as computers come from large manufacturing companies such as Apple, Epson, Dell, Gateway, Hewlett Packard, and IBM.

These computer manufacturers have their own recycling programs, making it easy for you to dispose of computer monitors.

All you have to do is find out whether they will allow you to drop off the computer monitor at one of their locations or have you ship it to them.

This is where they recycle these computer monitors and other electronic parts for free as well as refurbish them for further use.

You can easily check out your computer monitor’s manufacturer’s website for more information.

Once you’ve found out about their recycling program, you can just follow the instructions and properly dispose of your computer monitor.

This way, the computer manufacturer will be completing their service and saving the computer monitor from going into a landfill – even if it’s one monitor at a time.

Give It To A Family Member Or Friend In Need

You can always try to look up a family member or friend who might make use of your old computer monitor.

It could be for a project, an old-school computer setup, or anything else that they need it for.

You would save them some money as well as allow them to take an out-of-date monitor off your hands.

Even though newer, sleeker monitors are available in the market, old-school computer monitors are durable.

So, simply just get the word out that you have a spare computer monitor, and you never know who might need it from your very own contact list.

Donate It To A Charity

It is very important to abide by the three Rs of sustainability. When it comes to electronic items such as computer monitors, it is very easy to reduce, reuse and recycle them.

Undoubtedly, recycling your computer monitor by sending it back to a computer manufacturer is a great way to go, but donating it to someone in need can play the role of unburdening it from yourself as well as having someone else make good use of it.

You can send an old monitor to thrift stores and other charity shops.

Or you can drop it off at underdeveloped schools that need computer parts in order to set up a computer lab for their courses.

Donation and research stores take in computer monitors and distribute them to people who need them.

They also cater to individuals and refurbishing firms who need computer parts to create full computer systems.

Donation means you can supply good computer parts to people who cannot afford them at full price from a fancy store.

Other than this, you can also contact your local community or church organization to send in your old computer monitors and other electrical equipment as well.

Search For An e-Waste Collection Drive

In well-developed countries and larger cities, there are several municipal agencies and organizations that organize e-waste collection drives.

You can send off any electrical equipment such as your old computer monitors for free in these collection drives.

Even if these collection drives are not free, they might charge a nominal fee which is something you should consider to save the environment.

These collection drives can help collect several computer equipments or other electrical waste and dispose of it carefully instead of dumping it in a local landfill and creating more toxic waste.

If you do not have any other resources or collection facilities, you should seek out an e-waste collection drive and dispose of your computer monitors the correct way.

If you do not have an e-waste collection drive going on at the moment, you should keep your computer monitors safe and sound till the collection drive comes around.

Under no circumstances should you just dump a computer monitor in the trash because you will be doing the environment pretty huge disfavor.

A great way to go is to collect all your electrical equipment and store it in your garage till you can dispose of it in a collection drive all at once.

Seek Out A Big Box Electrical Store

Several big supply stores let you recycle electrical equipment such as computer monitors.

These electronic stores also recycle laptops, ink cartridges, printers, hard drives, and any other computer equipment that can be recycled or refurbished.

Other stores such as Best Buy, Staples, or Office Max have their own recycling program, which makes it easy for you to dispose of your computer monitor.

If you do not live close to any of these stores, you can seek out a Big Box store that may be close to your place.

Considering the case of computer monitors, the cost of recycling this particular electrical equipment is higher compared to other computer elements.

The glass found in computer monitors is much more of use compared to any other component in it.

Therefore, the recycling of a computer monitor is highly dependent on the glass market.

This is one of the reasons why Big Box stores such as Best Buy charges people at least $25 for recycling their own monitors.

While some people may not want to pay this fee just to dispose of their computer monitors, it is important to think about the bigger picture and how you would be saving the environment.

These programs are trustworthy recycling programs because they work with acknowledged recycling companies that are dedicated to saving the environment and protecting landfills from hazardous waste.

Even though these recycling programs may vary from store to store, you can still get to dispose of your computer monitor in a safe way.

Additionally, stores such as Staples offer store credit if you recycle certain electrical items, which is a great perk to have.

Computer Monitors And Its Toxic Components

Yes, old computer monitors that get thrown out in landfills or trash cans do have toxic components such as cadmium and mercury that can harm the environment.

You can also find cathodic tubes inside a monitor that uses cadmium and mercury as its coating materials.

These elements do not belong in a trashcan because they can be a serious risk.

The pollution risk linked with electrical equipment, especially computer monitors, is serious. 

If these elements are not recycled properly, then cadmium, lead, mercury, and copper can easily slip into the soil and water.

Once this water evaporates, the components of these harmful elements can find a way to the crops that we eat.

When a computer monitor is properly disposed of by a computer manufacturer or a recycling program, these harmful compounds are safely removed and responsibly disposed of so that they do not harm the environment.

The glass and plastic found in computer monitors are definitely recyclable and can be used to make other useful products.

This all depends on what kind of recycling program your computer monitor is being sent to.

Either way, you should just avoid throwing it in the trash or directly sending it to a landfill.

The Bottom Line

Considering our discussion, there are several ways to sustainably dispose of your computer monitors which directly benefit the environment.

Some of these may benefit you directly, but most of all, they will be a huge help to the community that you live in.

Regardless of helping the environment, you will be doing the right thing and safely disposing of your computer monitors.

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