How To Dispose Of Old Cell Phones? 5 Easy Ways

Upgrading to a new cell phone can be an exciting experience.

However, it is very important to know how to recycle your old cell phone.

Even though it can be confusing, in this article, we will highlight a few ways through which you can deal with disposing of your old cell phone or similar electronic items.

How To Dispose Of Old Cell Phones

According to Consumer Reports, a typical household uses a cell phone for less than 5 years.

That means that after every few years, there is a need for disposing of an old cell phone.

With the upgrade in new technology after every few months, it isn’t uncommon for people of all ages to buy new technology and dispose of the old one.

The good news in this scenario is that cell phones do have a high recycling market compared to any other electronic materials such as computer monitors or hard drives.

Choosing A Cell Phone Recycling Program

There are several cell phone recycling programs available in the US that help you recycle your old cell phone.

If you want to dispose of your old cell phone, you can easily contact any recycling program that offers help with disposing of your old cell phones.

After removing the battery and the SIM card, you can dispose of your old cell phone to a recycling program.

Search for Donation Programs

If you no longer use your old cell phone, but it is still in perfect condition, you can decide to donate it instead of disposing of it.

There are people who may need a new cell phone but do not have enough funds to buy one.

Several non-profit donation programs across the states hold fundraisers where you can dispose of your old cell phones so that other people can use them.

Give It To Friends Or Family

Before disposing of your old cell phones, you can look around for friends or any family members who may require one.

Not everybody wants to spend on technology which is why this can be a good way to dispose of your cell phone when you no longer need it for yourself.

It could be useful for a young adult who’s just starting out college or serve as a hand-me-down for your youngest sibling.

You can even use an old cell phone as a storage device if it works properly.

Repair And Sell

A great way to dispose of your old cell phone is to repair and sell it to someone in need.

However, repair options depend on the condition of the phone.

If your cell phone has faced some water damage or is completely shattered, repair may be a difficult route to take.

However, if the cell phone screen has a little crack or is facing any battery issues, the repair is a pretty simple job.

You can replace the screen and battery, making the cell phone look as good as new.

After repair, you can continue to use your cell phone or sell it to someone for a depreciated price.

Not only is this an environmentally sustainable way of handling your old cell phone, but it can also help someone who is looking for a cell phone at a cheaper price.

Typically, cell phones have a pretty long life if used properly.

So, throwing away a cell phone that can still be used by someone isn’t a great way to go.

Cell Phone Manufacturer Recycling Programs

Some cell phone manufacturers offer recycling programs where you can drop off your cell phone for a little fee.

These manufacturers then make use of several recycling opportunities and recycle your cell phone to keep things environmentally sustainable.

To know more about your cell phone manufacturer’s recycling program, you can visit their website and find out more.

Not every manufacturer offers the same recycling program, so it really depends on which manufacturer your cell phone belongs to.

If your particular manufacturer does offer a recycling program, you have to check whether they have any drop-off stations near your house where you can send your cold cell phone or if they allow you to ship it to them.

Can You Throw Away Cell Phones In The Trash?

Throwing away a cell phone in your trash isn’t a great idea because when these electronic items end up in a landfill, they turn into toxic waste.

Most states across the USA require their citizens to recycle most of their electronics rather than just throwing them away in trash bins.

If you feel that your cell phone is not in good condition to be donated or given to a family member, you can dispose of them in an environmentally conscious way.

Throwing your phone in the trash is a definite no-no because it can cause several problems.

Phones contain toxic chemicals, especially if they are still carrying a battery within them. When a cell phone is thrown away into a bin, it conveniently makes its way to a landfill.

The chemicals and toxic components found in a cell phone then seep into the groundwater and poison any surrounding water bodies.

This also poses a risk to the crops that use this water for nourishment.

In other words, the toxic chemicals seeping into the groundwater can make their way back to our own plate.

Therefore discarding your phones responsibly is very important.

Not to forget, throwing your cell phone in the garbage can be dangerous for workers who deal with the trash.

Therefore, choosing a cell phone recycling plan is a much better way of disposing of your old cell phone.

Preparing Your Cell Phone Before Disposing It Of

Before disposing of your old cell phone, it is important to follow a few steps:

Back Up Data

It is essential for you to back-ups all your cell phone’s data such as photos, documents, music, and even the notes that you have saved on your phone.

If you do not back up your data, you will lose everything when you shift to a new cell phone.

There are several ways through which you can backup your phone data which can help you keep your data secure even if you lose your cell phone.

You can choose to backup your files in a memory card or use an online cloud, whatever is convenient for you.

Android users can use Google, while Apple users can use iCloud for their backup files.

You can even email yourself important documents and photos if there isn’t a ton of stuff that you want to back up for your new phone.

Data Transfer

If you are switching to a new cell phone, you can easily transfer the data from your old phone.

This will make your transition hassle-free and save a lot of time.

This includes contact transfers as well as App Store purchases so that when you switch on your new cell phone, it is ready to use rather than setting it up from scratch.

Factory Reset

Once your old cell phone is empty, go to the settings section, and factory reset it. This will ensure that all your previous data has been removed.

This is an important step because if your old cell phone falls into someone’s hand, your data will not be at risk.

A factory reset will also help you sign out of all the accounts on your phone.

Accounts have essential information that can be dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands.

Moreover, make sure to delete any saved credentials, passwords, or numbers that would give anyone access to your online shopping account, bank cards, or even email.

Remove The Battery

If your cell phone has a removable battery option, you should take it out before disposing of it.

Batteries are made with lithium which can turn into toxic waste if added to trash or landfills.

When cell phones are recycled, lithium batteries require special handling, which is why cell phone manufacturer recycling programs are encouraged.

The Bottom Line

New technology can be very tempting, especially in today’s day and age when we have a new iPhone coming out each year. It’s normal to want to upgrade your phone even when there isn’t anything wrong with your previous cell phone.

However, it is very important to be environmentally conscious while making these decisions as the health of the planet depends on it.

That being said, knowing how to dispose of your old cell phone is key information.

Not only will it protect your credentials and data, but it will also keep hazardous material out of landfills.

Plastic and chemical components that make up a cell phone are undoubtedly harmful to the environment and anyone who resides in the nearby areas.

By being responsible, you will be doing yourself a favor as well as those around you.

So, search for a manufacturer recycling program today or a donation drive to dispose of your old cell phone in an environmentally responsible way

Your planet is your responsibility!

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