How to Dispose of Half Used Toiletries?

We all have that drawer in our bathroom filled with half-used, barely-used, or empty toiletries. These bottles and containers simply take up space in your room and accumulate clutter.

If you end up throwing these in the garbage, think again. Read on as we uncover the dangers of throwing these half-used toiletries in the bin.

We will also discuss the safe, responsible, and environmentally sustainable disposal method.

Disposing of Half-Used Toiletries

All of us are guilty of buying a lotion, shower gel, or shampoo but not using it. Perhaps it didn’t appeal to you, or give you the effect you were looking for.

Whatever the reason may be, there is no point in keeping these toiletries in your bathroom. All they are doing there is accumulating dust and taking up unnecessary space.

Decluttering and disposing of partially used toiletries often becomes necessary. However, regardless of that, you should still be responsible about how you dispose of it.

You cannot simply throw these toiletries in the bin. They end up in landfills and become a significant environmental hazard.

Our landfills are partially made up of these toiletries and beauty products. It is also a social travesty because many people live without toiletries.

We should not waste such products. Hence, we must be careful and smart with our disposal methods.

You should follow specific methods for the safe and responsible disposal of toiletries. This article will discuss all of them.

How to Dispose of Partially-Used Toiletries

Do you have shampoos, bath bubbles, and shower gels that you don’t use? If so, then you might be considering throwing them away.

However, don’t simply throw these in the garbage. You have to be conscious about where you will be disposing of them.

You should be disposing of toiletries that are expired so that no one uses them. Once expired, such toiletries can be a hazard when applied.

Hence, you should check the expiry date of these items. Typically, if they have not been used for over six months, they could expire.

This is especially true for skincare items that you put on your face. Old and expired items can be dangerous to put on, so you should not give them to others.

Check and separate the expired toiletries. Once you have decluttered and removed all the used and expired items, it’s time for disposal.

Here are the best ways to dispose of partially used toiletries:

Give Them Away or Donate

Undoubtedly, the best way to get rid of half-used toiletries is by giving them away. If you don’t like using a certain product, you can give it to someone who would enjoy it.

All over the world, people are living with basic sanitation facilities. Hence, throwing and discarding such toiletries would be a travesty.

Not to mention, barely used or half-used toiletries would go to waste if you throw them away. Hence, you should consider sharing it with friends and family.

Otherwise, you could collect all of these half-used toiletries and beauty products in a box. Then, you can donate it to various charities.

Several charities work to provide the underprivileged with essential items. Hence, your trash could become their treasure.

Popular charities, like Salvation Army, can pick up your toiletries, or you can directly contact them regarding disposal methods. You could also drop them off at homeless shelters.

They can give poor people who drop in for showers these products. This way, you would be getting rid of your clutter while helping someone in need.

However, it is essential to note that you should only do this with toiletries that are not expired. As mentioned earlier, expired toiletries can be dangerous for the skin.

You should not use these products yourself, nor give them to someone else to use. It could put them at risk.

If you have unexpired toiletries that you have barely used, consider giving them away. This is truly the easiest way to disposing of such products.

Clean and Recycle

There are some recycling companies that accept empty toiletry containers. They would recycle the plastic from them to create something new.

You should thus make a bag full of these partially used items for recycling. Look in search engines for recycling centers near you.

Depending on your area, these recycling centers might even offer pickup services. Otherwise, you will need to travel to the facility to drop these products off.

Items that have expired and are very old should be considered for recycling. This is because the products in them are no longer of use.

Hence, you can dispose of the products but recycle the containers. When disposing of the liquid product, you should do it in the bathroom.

The waste should go through the sewage lines. Don’t pour out the liquid in the trash as it can ruin other trash items and end up in landfills.

You should pour it into the shower, sink, or toilet. This way, it will go directly into the sewerage lines.

However, it is recommended that you should pour these products gradually. Pouring all of the products together can clog the toilet and lines.

Another way to dispose of the product is to pour it into paper towels. Then, put these paper towels in a plastic bag and throw them in the trash.

This way, it won’t clog the sewers or cause harm to other products in the trash. Once all the containers are emptied, it’s time to clean them.

You can give the containers as is to recycling companies. However, it is a good idea to clean them beforehand.

It is recommended to rinse the bottles first with warm water and then clean them. You could also take a paper towel or cloth to wipe the inside of the container.

Lastly, you can leave the labels on the containers. If you plan to recycle them, you don’t have to remove the product labels.

Reuse Empty Containers

Did you know that you can reuse empty containers in a plethora of ways?

You don’t necessarily have to give them away or recycle them if you don’t want to. There are multiple things you can do with empty containers.

For example, you can store homemade products in them. Many individuals make homemade hair oils that they can put in these empty containers.

Additionally, you could also make homemade candles with glass containers of toiletries. Besides this, if there are larger containers, you can create a makeshift pot for plants.

There are tons of ways to reuse discarded toiletries. Empty paper towel rolls can also be turned into an exciting crafting project for the kids.

Hence, there are endless things to do if you want to dispose of these containers. Be creative and think outside the box for interesting ideas.

Tips for Creating a More Sustainable Bathroom

Decluttering and disposing of toiletries is undoubtedly a rewarding experience. It helps you get rid of things you don’t need, and create a more organized space.

However, this should be treated as a learning experience. One should not buy items then not use them for months if they don’t like them.

This can lead to unnecessary waste and accumulation. Hence, consider more sustainable techniques for disposal.

They include the following:

Consider Getting Testers

Is there a product you want to try out? If you are fond of trying out new products but end up not liking them, get testers.

This will ensure that you don’t waste any of the product. If you like the product, you can buy the full-size one.

Most brands offer testers of their products for this reason. Customers can test out the product and find one that appeals to them.

Get Refillable Toiletries

Refillable shower gels and soaps are quite easy to find. Most reputable companies who want to reduce waste and be sustainable offer these.

Once you have used the entire product, you can get them refilled by the company. Through this method, you would also be saving tons of money in the long run.

Purchase Eco-Friendly Toilet Roll

Consider making a move towards sustainable and eco-friendly toiletries, such as eco-friendly toilet paper. These are not only safer for you but also for the environment.

Throwing such toiletry in the trash will not cause havoc. It will still be safe and not accumulate in landfills.

Most toilet rolls are made of bamboo, which is a natural product. Hence, throwing in the trash is not detrimental to the environment.

Have a Recycling Bin in Your Bathroom

Not only should you get recyclable products, but you must also invest in a recycling bin. This will help you reduce the accumulation of half-used toiletries.

Whatever product you don’t want to use anymore, you can throw in the recycling bin. Then, you can review these products at the end of the month.

If the product has not expired, you can give it away. Otherwise, you can recycle it using the aforementioned techniques.

Any unused, expired, and partially used products can be placed in this bin. It will help you reduce clutter, stay organized, and reduce your waste.

Final Words

In this day and age, we must all practice sustainability. Worldwide, landfills have become a major environmental concern.

Hence, we should do our part to responsibly dispose of toiletries. This will make a significant difference to the environment.

So many homeless and poor people live without basic toiletries. Hence, you should consider giving them away to charities and shelters.

Otherwise, consider recycling and reusing the expired toiletries you cannot give away.

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