How To Dispose Of Human Waste From Portable Toilets

After microwavable popcorn and phones that talk back, portable toilets are perhaps one of the most important inventions made by humankind.

It is common to see people using portable toilets at outdoor events such as concerts, festivals, camping, etc.

You can also find portable toilets in locations where finding a bathroom stall may be impossible or difficult, such as hiking trails and large public parks.

Even though these portable toilets make life easier, the improper disposal of human waste from portable toilets does become an issue.

While portable toilets do give you a designated spot to make do whenever nature calls, they are more complicated than they look.

Not only are they a hassle when it comes to waste disposal, but they can also lead to different health issues and pollution in whatever area you use them.

The important question we ask in this article is how to dispose of human waste from portable toilets.

This step is necessary to leave the facilities clean and ready for use for others who might need to.

You could be out for a single day or camping for a week, whatever your situation, is the disposal of human waste from portable toilets may vary.

If you purchase a portable toilet from a company that offers the latest technology, there is a high chance they also include sanitation pick-up services.

However, if you are in an environment where sanitation pick-up is not possible, here are a few methods through which you can dispose of human waste from portable toilets.

How To Dispose Of Human Waste From Portable Toilets

Almost all portable toilets work in a similar way, no matter what shape or size.

Portable Toilet
Portable Toilet

The toilet typically has a large bin or bucket used to catch any fecal material without the option of flushing it out.

Portable toilets do not have a flush system connected to a waterline, but they do have a drain.

They are essentially supposed to capture any human waste until it is time to dispose of it.

Issues arise when you have to dispose of the human waste when you wait for the buckets to fill up fully.

This is because these particular bins and buckets have a gallon worth of space, it is very unsanitary to wait for the bucket to fill up. It is wise to dispose of human waste from portable toilets the first chance you get instead of letting it sit.

The latest technology in portable toilets comes with indicators and sensors that tell you when it is the appropriate time to dispose of human waste from it.

Even if your portable toilet is not the fancy kind, you can tell just by looking at it if it’s time to clean it or not.

Use A Portable Toilet Vacuum

Some portable toilets available in the market today come with their own portable toilet vacuum.

Once you are ready to dispose of human waste from the toilet, all you have to do is attach the output hole of the portable toilet with the vacuum.

After attaching the two, all you need to do is turn the vacuum on so that it can suck out all the contents of the portable toilet in a safe and sealable bag.

These bags are made for transportation, so there isn’t much risk of leakage.

Once you vacuum the portable toilet clean, you must make sure to clean the portable toilet with water or any other cleaning liquid to prevent bacteria buildup and bad odor.

Call For A Sanitation Company

As we mentioned earlier, several sanitation pick-up services are available for people who want to dispose of human waste from their portable toilets.

These sanitation companies also use similar vacuum technology to collect all the human waste matter into disposable bags.

Relying on a sanitation company is perhaps one of the safest ways to dispose of human waste from a portable toilet. However, it is something that you have to pay for.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you are using a portable toilet at a far-off camping site or in the wild, there is a high chance that a sanitation company will not be able to provide you with their pick-up services.

A Dumpsite Or Sewer Line

There is no doubt about the fact that human waste matter belongs in the sewer.

If you find an approved dumpsite near your area, you can dump the human waste straight from the portable toilet into the sewer.

Now, you can choose to pick up the portable toilet and flip it over or use the output hole for ease.

Using the output hole is a much safer option because it will eliminate the chances of human waste coming in contact with you.

However, it will take some time to drain out completely.

Even though dumping may sound easy, bear in mind that you will need water to fully clean the portable toilet and flush down any remaining contents from the side walls or edges.

Simply flipping the portable toilet over a sewer or a dumping site will not clean your portable toilet.

If you do not have any water on hand, you should always carry antibacterial sprays or a similar product to clean your portable toilet before the next use.

Using the portable toilet right after dumping the previous human waste can be incredibly unsanitary and harmful, especially if you are sharing it with someone else.

While performing the task at a sewer or a dump site, you have to be incredibly careful about handling the portable toilet.

It is your responsibility to properly dispose of the human waste in the area where it’s meant to go so that it does not spread anywhere else.

Keep in mind that directly dumping into a sewer line or a dumpsite should never be your first option. You should always look for a proper facility that offers sanitization services for portable toilets.

If any similar service is out of reach, only then should you consider directly dumping human waste into a dumpsite or a sewer line.

Note: before dumping human waste into a sewer line or a dumpsite, it is imperative that you make sure whether it’s allowed to do so.

If it is illegal to dump waste in that particular section of the sewer or dump site, it is highly recommended you steer clear of it.

If you decide to go camping with a portable toilet, it is wise to search a nearby approved dumpsite so that you do not have problems while you are camping.

Why Is Proper Human Waste Disposal Important?

Proper human waste disposal is important for preventing health and environmental issues you’ll be risking otherwise.

But want to be exactly mean by environmental and health issues? Let’s elaborate.

If human waste makes its way to a nearby water body or a farming site, it can be a starting point for several diseases and pathogens that can travel through water and crops.

This means that it can affect the water we drink and the food we eat in our homes.

To understand this, it is very important to shed light on how our world works in a cyclical motion. One thing is always leading to the other.

In other words, all of us are part of an ecological system with a role to play. If human waste contaminates a water body, it will trickle down to contaminate any other product or fresh produce that we may consume.

Human feces can cause several gastrointestinal diseases, hepatitis, salmonella, and other similar diseases.

If an individual dumps their human waste regularly at a nearby river, they might negatively impact anyone who drinks from that river and the life it sustains within.

Therefore it is crucial for you to properly dispose of human waste from your portable toilet so that it does not cause harm to anyone else.

Another thing to add is that human waste entails fecal matter and urine and sanitary pads and toilet paper.

Under any circumstance, you should be responsible for the human waste you make, especially if you are in nature.

The Bottom Line

There is no doubt in the fact that portable toilets are very useful when it comes to camping.

People are investing in the latest portable toilets due to the small size inconvenience.

At the same time, it is very important to understand the responsibility of safely disposing of human waste and not scattering it throughout the property you inhabit while camping.

Thus, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you are using a portable toilet, make sure you have the proper tools to dispose of human waste yourself.  

As inhabitants of this planet, we must continue to treat our wildlife, nature, and the people around us with the utmost respect.

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