How to Dispose of Vacuum Cleaner (the right way)

Did you know vacuum cleaners have an average life expectancy of 8 years?

Of course, the years can vary based on the brand and your usage. But the fact remains that your trusty old vacuum will eventually give in. When the time comes to dispose of an old vacuum, not many people know where to begin.

Let’s see how to dispose of vacuum cleaners the right way!

How to Dispose of a Broken-Down Vacuum Cleaner

There are various ways in which you can dispose of your old, broken vacuum cleaner.

Generally, people simply pitch it to the curb, which is not something you should be doing. Among other things, it is damaging to the environment.

The best way to dispose of it is to recycle it. You can also give it to a scrapyard to sell its parts.

Let’s explore all the ways to dispose of a vacuum cleaner in detail:

Drop It Off at a Recycling Center

Almost all the parts of a vacuum cleaner can be recycled. This includes its hoses, cords, plastic parts, and body housing.

Manufacturers make shampoo bottles and traffic cones out of recycled vacuum parts. This is why a recycling center is an ideal home for your old vacuum cleaner.

You can head to the recycling center that is nearest to your house to discard your vacuum cleaner.

If you don’t know which recycling bin to put your vacuum cleaner in, then the onsite staff can certainly help you.

Some centers do have limitations on what they can receive. So, check the website of the center to ensure that they will receive the vacuum.

Give It to a Scrapyard

Some scrapyards might even be willing to pay you to take certain metallic parts of your vacuum cleaner. You can find a scrap yard close to any industrial area in a suburb or urban area.

Alternatively, you can search for one near your location.

However, scrap yards might just receive the metal parts of your vacuum.

This means that you will have to recycle the other components. You will also have to disassemble the vacuum cleaner to separate the parts.

Take It to the Nearest Electronic Store

Many electronic stores across the country offer recycling options to contribute positively to the environment.

Some stores are even offering credit when you take your old device to them. You can reach out to the stores in your area and see if they offer such options.

This way, you can drop off the vacuum cleaner at the store so that it gets recycled.

Sell Its Parts

Some parts of your vacuum cleaner might remain functional even if the device stops working. Parts such as brushes, nozzles, and hoses can easily be removed, washed, and sold separately.

You won’t earn much, but it’s a good way to recycle your waste.

Other essential parts such as vacuum belts of older models are often difficult to find. This means that they are always in high demand.

How to Dispose of an Operational Vacuum Cleaner

You might have a fully functional old vacuum that you want to replace with a new one.

In such an instance, your old, operational vacuum can certainly help someone else in need. Here are some ways in which you can dispose of your operational vacuum:

Sell or Give It Away Online

Whether you want to sell your old vacuum or give it away, the internet is a great place to advertise the sale or giveaway.

Make sure to take several photos of your vacuum cleaner from different angles and post them online.

If you can’t figure out what price to set for your vacuum, search up other posts for similar devices. eBay and Craigslist are great options to sell your products on.

If you plan to give your vacuum cleaner away for free, then you can also try your luck at Freecycle.

You can also give your vacuum away to a loved one such as a family member, friend, or even a neighbor. This way, you will know that you have helped a friend out while disposing of your old device.

Donate to Local Shelters or Donation Centers

The best way to dispose of your old vacuum is to donate it. Many thrift stores and donation centers accept vacuum cleaners. Just make sure that it is in decent condition.

You can also donate the used vacuum cleaner to an addiction center or homeless shelter. Organizations such as the Salvation Army and Goodwill might even pick up your vacuum cleaner from your location.

In case your chosen donation center doesn’t offer a pick-up service, you can look up the service, “Donation Town”.

This company is located in several cities across the United States. They will collect your donated item for free and deliver it to the donation center of your choice.

Swap It at a Swapping Event

You can also swap your old vacuum cleaner at a local swapping event. These events are the perfect means to boost recycling as a collective habit within a community.

Public libraries, community centers, and schools often coordinate such events to promote social and environmental issues.

If you don’t have an event happening near you, then you can organize one within your community. You can arrange flyers and promote the event with the help of your friends, acquaintances, and loved ones.

It will be a great learning experience and you will also get to swap your vacuum in exchange for something you want.

Why Should You Recycle Your Old Vacuum Cleaner?

Recycling has gained steady momentum and importance over the past few years. It’s finally viewed as a critical action that we need to adopt to save our planet.

This is why you need to recycle your old vacuum cleaner and any such object that can be recycled. Let’s explore the various benefits of recycling a vacuum cleaner:

Reduced E-Waste

You might be tempted to drop your old vacuum cleaner off by the curb in the hopes that someone who needs it will pick it up.

In reality, that someone is most often the city, that picks up the vacuum cleaner and burns it with other waste. This is incredibly harmful to our planet because vacuum cleaners can contain hazardous substances.

When not disposed of properly, vacuum cleaners are considered to be electronic waste items or e-waste items. It’s the fastest-growing kind of waste in our world today. It’s composed of discarded electronic products. About 50 million tons of e-waste is produced each year. Universally, only 20% of e-waste is recycled.

This is why you must know how to recycle your e-waste, which includes vacuum cleaners.

If we don’t figure out how to do so, then the world might be producing 120 million tons of e-waste by 2050! These stats will be devastating for our planet.

Helps Keep Earth Clean

As mentioned earlier, most parts of a vacuum cleaner can be recycled. Plastic parts can be recycled to become planters, furniture, car dashboards, etc.

Metal parts can be recycled to make new devices. The recycling of these parts helps keep the planet clean. Some parts can also be recycled to make new vacuum cleaners.

If a vacuum cleaner is burned, it will emit toxic fumes from its metal components, such as iron, copper, and aluminum. They will harm our environment.

They will accumulate in our soil, water, and biosphere. These carcinogenic compounds will also accumulate in the air that we breathe in. Recycling prevents the non-biodegradable vacuum cleaners from burning or getting dumped in a landfill.

Recycling also helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions into our environment.

This is because recycling old parts of your vacuum will require less output than building a new vacuum cleaner from scratch. Recycling your old vacuum will also help save energy.

Boosts Economy

The economic value of e-waste is approximately $62.5 billion annually. This is more than the Gross Domestic Product of many countries! So, in a way, recycling your old vacuum cleaner will help you contribute to your country’s economic development.

If you partake in recycling, you will also chip in to the massive annual tax revenue of almost $7 billion generated by recycling.

You will also help create 757,000 jobs every year in the recycling industry. Moreover, you will contribute to the Basel Convention. This is a convention that aims at exporting recycling waste to third-world countries that need these parts.

You might think that these numbers are an exaggeration and how your small contribution can make a change. However, even the smallest act of recycling can help.

Your simple act of recycling your vacuum cleaner might encourage your loved ones to recycle their e-waste as well. You will also instill this habit into the next generation and so on.

How to Make Your Vacuum Cleaner Last Longer

Another way to reduce the e-waste in your country is to take great care of your vacuum cleaner. Here are some tips that you can use to make sure that your vacuum runs for a long time:

  • Don’t fill the bin or bag to the brim as it can clog the device.
  • Always clean the dirty filter and replace it if it tears.
  • Clean the motorized brush of your vacuum every few weeks. Accumulated debris such as carpet fibers, tangled hair, and strings can stress the motor.
  • Always check the hose for potentially damaging clogs.

The Bottom Line

The best way to dispose of a vacuum cleaner is to recycle it. This is because vacuum cleaners are non-biodegradable.

Throwing them in the trash will cause harm to the environment. You can recycle your vacuum by dropping it off at a recycling center. You can also sell it, give it to a loved one, or donate it.

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