How to Dispose of Small Appliances? 6 Right Ways

So, is the fancy kitchen gadget you purchased from an online sale not working anymore?

It’s time to say goodbye to it and declutter your kitchen for good.

We all have been guilty of hoarding small appliances that do not work anymore, but it’s high time to dispose of them.

And no, you simply cannot dispose of them in the trash for various reasons, which we will further discuss in this guide.

Keep reading if you want to know, ‘How to dispose of small appliances?’

When Is the Right Time to Dispose of Small Appliances?

Before you decide to get rid of any old or unused small appliance in your house, make sure to schedule a quick appointment with an electrician.

This will help you identify the root cause of why your appliance stopped working.

Moreover, if the electrician can fix it, you may not even need to throw the item away after all. So make sure that you get your appliances inspected before disposing of them.

The right time to dispose of small appliances is when they completely stop working and cannot be fixed anymore.

Using faulty appliances can also be quite dangerous, so make sure you avoid doing any experiments at home and only let professionals handle this step.

Can You Dispose of Small Appliances In The Trash?

Disposing of small appliances in the trash can pose a serious environmental hazard.

Most appliances are made of metal, and some have harmful chemicals in their batteries or spare parts.

When you throw these appliances in the trash, they add to the landfill pollution and can also be dangerous for the workers.

Leaked lithium or other chemicals from batteries also pose a severe threat to marine life.

If you wish to dispose of your small appliances, make sure that you do it in a safe and proper manner.

Different Methods of Disposing of Small Appliances

Here are the various options you can consider when you need to dispose of small appliances.

Method # 1: Hand Over Your Small Appliance to a Waste Collection Company

Most local trash pick-up services do not accept electrical appliances, so that’s where waste collection companies jump in.

Do a quick online search to find all the waste collection companies operating in your area and find out which one of them accepts small electrical appliances.

Make sure that you also get all the details regarding their timings and packing instructions to save extra time and hassle.

Some waste collection companies may ask you to disassemble the appliances and store each part separately, so give them a detailed call before visiting their center or scheduling an online pick-up time with them.

Besides this, some companies may charge you a nominal fee for collecting electrical appliances as these are not common trash items.

You can also check if your waste collection company further recycles appliances or ends up in the landfill.

In that case, you should look for another company that provides more sustainable disposal options.

Method # 2: Give Your Small Appliances to an Electronics Company

There are various local electronics companies that offer appliance exchange programs.

This way you can take your old small appliance to the shop and get it replaced with a new one.

Some electronics companies also buy old small appliances, as they can use their scraps and spare parts.

So try your luck and look for the companies that offer cash, credit, or some form of incentive in exchange.

Method # 3: Sell Your Small Appliances to an Appliance Dealer

There are various appliance dealers that will buy your old appliances. You may check with local shops or search online for vendors near you.

These appliance dealers take your old appliances and get them repaired so they can sell them at a higher price.

Some appliance dealers may also buy your small appliances for their spare parts. They may use these components or try to sell them further.

It’s a great option because this way, you can easily get old rusty appliances out of your house while the dealer gets a good deal out of the trash.

Method # 4: Dispose of Small Appliances at a Recycling Center

One of the best disposal options for small appliances is recycling them. However, it is not so easy to do that at home.

Therefore, you should consider recycling centers as your best and safest bet.

You can search the web for recycling centers in your area, especially those that are part of the Responsible Appliance Disposal program.

These recycling centers are authorized to deal with all sorts of electrical appliances, so you can be at peace knowing that your appliance will not end up in the landfill.

You may also check with your shortlisted recycling center if they offer pick-up services, then schedule a time based on your convenience.

They may charge a minimal fee for pick-up, so make sure you get all the necessary details when you do the booking.

Method # 5: Give Your Small Appliances to a Scrapyard

Another excellent option for disposing of small appliances is giving them away to a scrapyard.

Most scrapyards will separate the different components of your appliances and recycle the ones that may be useful for them.

Call your nearest scrapyard facility and get all the details regarding disposing of small appliances.

Their instructions may vary depending on what type of appliance you are disposing of, so get as many details as possible.

Typically, you will have to drop off the appliances yourself at their facility, but you should contact them and check if they offer any pick-up services to save extra time and effort.

Method # 6: Gift Your Small Appliance to Someone

This option would only work if your small appliance is still in a salvageable condition or you are just upgrading and buying a new one.

One man’s old appliance can be another man’s treasure, so keep this ideology in mind before you consider disposing of your appliances.

You can give away your old small appliances to any of your friends, relatives, or neighbors.

Moreover, you may also check with your nearby community center or shelter home services if they are in need of that particular appliance.

Make sure that you clean and properly pack your appliance before gifting or donating it to someone.

If there are any minor faults, you can get them repaired as a good gesture.

Safety Tips to Consider for Small Appliances Disposal

  • Make sure that your small appliance has been unplugged and not been in use for several days before you dispose of it. This way, you know that the appliance is not heated up, and it is safe to pack it up and give it away.
  • Be careful with electric wires and plugs. Make sure that you carefully roll and tie them up using rubber bands or tape to get them out of the way. Tripping on wires is quite common, and you would want to avoid such accidents at all costs.
  • If any removable parts are made of glass, please pack them separately in bubble wrap. You may also wear gloves while handling any glass objects to avoid accidents.

The Bottom Line

We hope you enjoyed reading this informative guide on ‘How to dispose of small appliances?’.

Regardless of which disposal method you choose, make sure that the result is good for the environment.

When it comes to safe appliances disposal options, recycling is the best and most sustainable option to consider, so make sure you give it preference.

You may also get in touch with your city’s waste management authority for more information on disposing of small appliances. We hope you will make the right call.

Best of luck!

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