How to Dispose of an Electric Kettle? 5 Common Ways!

You may have noticed that every electric item has a little icon on it with a trash can, which is crossed out to indicate that you are not supposed to throw this item away.

Similarly, electric kettles are also not meant to be thrown away.

This is because all electrical products have hazardous components in them. Anything that has a battery or plug attached to it needs to be properly disposed of.

Continue reading to learn how you can dispose of an electric kettle safely.

Disposing of an Electric Kettle

An electric kettle cannot just go in the bin because it does not belong in regular garbage. Regular trash without any electric or chemical compound belongs in the landfill.

Since an electric kettle contains such components that may potentially harm the surrounding land and environment, it must be disposed of properly.

An electric kettle is made up of different components. None of them are biodegradable. Hence, it can take decades for it to break down significantly.

Even then, it might not completely decompose. Imagine how harmful that would be to the environment. In addition to this, there may be toxin leakage from the electric kettle and its various parts.

Now that we have established that the landfill is no place for an electric kettle, let’s discuss the environmentally friendly and safe ways to dispose of an electric kettle.

Here are some methods for you to follow:

Method 1 – Contact the Manufacturer

Most big brands have a policy to accept the electronic products returned to them after use. This way, they get to recycle some of the parts in production.

Also, they have a proper system of disposal defined by guidelines that the company follows to maintain sustainability.

In fact, they encourage customers to return the used products, because it is beneficial for them and is also safer for the environment.

Most companies also offer discount codes for customers to buy a new electric kettle from their company.

Hence, by giving your electric kettle back to the manufacturer, you are taking part in a sustainable program to dispose of the electric kettle in the right way that does not impact the environment adversely. 

Method 2 – Disassemble

If you are concerned about the environment and the disposal of electric items, look for an electric kettle “designed for disassembly.”

These kettles are specifically designed to be taken apart easily so that faulty components can be replaced with new ones.

After repairing, the electric kettle can be put back together, as good as new, so the customer can keep using it.

This prolongs its life and provides a sustainable solution for the problem.

So, examine the box your electric kettle came in to see if you can disassemble it.   

Method 3 – Hand It Over to a Recycling Center

If the first two options do not work for you, you can always take your electric kettle to a recycling center near you.

Most areas have a local recycling center that takes various items and recycles them to produce other products or materials.

It is always better to call the center beforehand and ask if they take an electric kettle. Some recycling centers might only take traditional kettles.

Method 4 – Give It Away to Someone Who Needs it.

At times you may want to get a new kettle when your current electric kettle hasn’t completely worn out.

In this case, you can give your old electric kettle to someone who needs it. There is always someone who needs things we are ready to give up on.

You can choose to give your kettle to any charity organization of your liking, or you can ask among your friends who might need it.

For instance, if any of your friends are moving or going off to college, you can ask them if they need it and give it away to them for use.

Method 5 – Upcycle

Recycling is great, but the best thing about sustainability is that it expands your mindset. You don’t have to restrict yourself to the original purpose of an item.

For instance, most items can be used in multiple ways, and if their condition allows, you can let your creative juices flow and use your electric kettle however you want.

Here are some ways you can upcycle your electric kettle.

Flower Pot

A traditional rustic kettle makes an excellent flower pot, but who is to say you can’t do the same to an electric kettle?

Simply drill some holes at the bottom and put some soil in. Sow some seeds and regularly water them so that it grows into a beautiful plant. Make sure it gets plenty of sunlight as well.

You can choose to paint your new plant pot, or place it in your garden or patio as is. It will look equally good on your windowsill as well.

Watering Can

Turning your electric kettle into a watering can is pretty simple and does not require changes. It will work especially well if you have a green thumb.

Simply fill the kettle with water and use it to water your plants. Of course, you need to be careful when watering miniature plants.

The water pouring from a standard electric kettle spout is too much for miniature plants. Hence, only stick to watering regular-sized plants.

Additionally, if you wish to make it lighter, you can cut the wires and dispose of them separately to make the electric kettle turned watering can more handy.

Measuring Jug

Typically, an electric kettle comes with a measuring scale printed on it. Once your electric kettle reaches its limit and breaks down, you can use it to measure liquids.

In case there is no marker, you can always make one yourself. Just grab a measuring tape and a sharpie to mark the scale and use it for all your measuring needs.

If you are passionate about cooking or baking, this will be a treat to use and will ease things for you.

Room Decor

People who wish to go green completely often upcycle products for room decor and such. It is an excellent way to bring some unique character to the room.

If you like to paint, give the electric kettle a little make-over and place it in your house.

You can either place it in your living room or even in your garden. It is completely up to you and your aesthetic sense.

A colorful addition in the garden as an ornamental will give your home a chic look. Giving it space in your heart will give you peace of mind and a beautifully decorated home.

You can also put some faux plants in the broken electric kettle and make it a centerpiece on the coffee table.

You can even choose to use it as a night light. Drill some holes in the kettle. Paint and decorate as you wish, then put a string of battery-operated fairy lights inside and close the lid.

You can place it on a bedside table and use it as a night light.


Another thing you can try with the electric kettle is turning it into a ladle. Gardening often requires scooping up soil or fertilizer to switch pots etc.

If you are a cooking enthusiast, you can also use a ladle to scoop dry food such as rice, pulses, etc.

You can use this upcycled ladle to stand by your sustainability approach. So, how do you turn an electric kettle into a ladle, you may ask.

It is not that difficult a procedure. All you need to do is cut and separate all the wires and electric components, and then use them as you please.


You can use the electric kettle as storage as well. There are different ways to do it. Keeping tea-related items or groceries is a nice way to use them in your kitchen.

You can store your tea leaves or bags in it and close the lid so the contents remain fresh and do not go stale.

Additionally, you can decorate it and put it in your kitchen to place utensils in for easy access while cooking.

Method 5 – Responsible Appliance Disposal Program

There have been multiple responsible appliance disposal programs running in several parts of the country for some time now. 

This initiative was taken to promote sustainability and dispose of electronic appliances responsibly without adversely impacting the environment. 

When you hand over your electric kettle or any other appliance to the team, you can be sure that they will handle the disposal correctly.

Furthermore, you need not worry about environmental concerns.

At times, they may even offer you coupons as incentives, and in case you have multiple products for disposal, they will offer to pick up the whole package from you.

The Final Word

Can you imagine the number of products that people dispose of incorrectly, and how they end up at the landfill? Think of the impact it has on our environment.

The answer is depressing. Still, most people are still doing it.

You have made the right decision to research how to responsibly dispose of an electric kettle. This is a step towards better days, a cleaner environment, and a healthy planet.

There are several ways you can easily dispose of an electric kettle safely.

That said, upcycling is another great way to sustainably continue using your electric kettle and ensure you are not harming the environment by doing incorrect disposal.

Having this knowledge about disposal will help you make informed decisions for the betterment of our planet. 

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