How To Prevent Maggots From Getting In The Trash?

Have you ever opened your trash can and found maggots slithering away inside?

These can not only be disgusting but an outright infestation. Very often, maggots keep coming back in your trash, which can be hard to deal with.

Handling these pests can sometimes be quite challenging to deal with. In this guide, we will give you all of the information and tools to fix this solution.

How do Maggots Come in Your Trash?

Before you begin understanding how to prevent maggots, you must know what they are. This will help you determine how they can be eliminated.

Flies lay up to 500 eggs throughout their entire lifespan, particularly in organic and decaying matter. When these eggs become larvae, they develop to become white and squirmy insects known as maggots.

These insects tend to thrive in warm and humid conditions, which is why you find them in trash cans. This is mainly because trash decays faster in such environments.

The reason why you find maggots in trash cans is also that flies love the conditions in a trash can. The rotting environment lure flies in, so they lay more eggs resulting in maggots.

Rotting trash gives off methane gas, which attracts flies toward them. When they lay their eggs on the trash, the maggots consume the trash.

This food source is what keeps maggots in your trash and why they stay there. Once these eggs develop into larvae, they live in trash cans for weeks.

The rotting trash provides a source of protein for them that they love to consume. Since maggots love humid and rotting conditions, they absolutely love being in the trash.

This is why you will find them in your trash so frequently. Whenever you find a consistent mess, you might also encounter maggots.

Preventing Maggots from Getting Into Trash

Now that you know how to get rid of maggots, you must learn preventative tips. This way, you will ensure that you don’t have a recurring infestation of these critters.

You want the maggots to be gone for good. This is why you should consider the following preventative measures to ensure they never return:

Get a Sealable Trash Container

If you have the budget, you should consider upgrading your trash container to a sealable one. Find one that tightly seals the garbage so that there is no odor to attract the flies.

You should also consider getting containers with a smooth plastic or aluminum surface.

These will allow the trash and liquids to smoothly slide off and not accumulate.

Choose Better Quality Garbage Bags

If you cannot invest in a trash can, consider buying a high-quality garbage bag instead. Low-quality garbage bags tend to burst and cannot be properly sealed.

Hence, you should consider getting high-quality, sturdy bags to keep garbage securely. This will ensure flies don’t enter and maggots don’t develop.

Reduce Food Sources from the Trash Cans

Flies are attracted to food sources in your trash can. If there is a protein in the trash can, they will be there devouring it.

Maggots also stay in trash cans for the same reason. Hence, you should limit food sources thrown in trash cans.

For example, avoid throwing meat bones in the trash. You could instead save them from making delicious broth.

Similarly, avoid throwing raw meat or juices in the trash as much as possible.

Rinse Trash Can Thoroughly

Smelly trash cans are a maggot magnet, which is why you must regularly rinse and clean them. Also, unclean trash cans also leave a smelly odor throughout the house.

You should make a habit of rinsing your trash cans with warm water every now and then. This will keep it clean and odor-free.

Sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth on the Trash

This is a type of limestone with sharp edges.

Contact with it will kill any insect, which is why it is excellent for maggot-infested trash cans.

Add a Basil Leaf

Fresh basil, oregano, or lavender have a unique and fresh scent. Their scent is actually a natural repellent to flies.

Flies will not come close to trash cans with basil leaves in them. Hence, maggots will not develop.

Dispose of Animal and Human Waste Properly

Such kinds of waste should be disposed of properly. If not, they can attract a host of maggots and flies.

Animal litter, feminine products, dirty diapers, and leftover food should be placed in sealed bags. Then they should be disposed of in the garbage can.

These products leave off strong methane gas, which attracts flies significantly. You should thus keep them sealed before throwing them in the trash.

This will ensure that no maggots develop in your trash can.

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Getting Rid of Maggots From Your Trash

Maggots are a common problem, especially if you have outdoor trash cans in humid conditions. If you have encountered maggots in your trash can, there are ways to get rid of them.

Here are some of the ways to rid your trash cans of maggots. They include the following:

Use an Insecticide

One of the best ways to kill maggots is through insecticide. You can find pyrethrum that will instantly kill insects and flies.

Once you kill the flies, they will not lay eggs, and maggots will not develop. Another natural ingredient you may find at home is dish soap.

Dish soap contains an ingredient called borax, which kills the eggs. Dog shampoo that is designed to kill lice would also be effective in killing maggots.

Lastly, bug sprays are also an excellent option to use as insecticides in killing maggots. Just spray it in your trash can and leave it closed for half an hour.

Use Bleach Solution

If you have a large trash can, then bleach would be an excellent option. Make a mixture with equal parts of water and bleach and pour it into a spray bottle.

Spray the solution directly on the maggots in the trash can. You can also dump the bleach solution in the garbage can and keep it closed for half an hour.

The fumes from the bleach will suffocate the larvae and kill them. Once all of the maggots are killed, remove all of the trash from the can.

You should also wash the can with a bleach solution. This will ensure that the maggots never return and feed on your garbage.

Make Use of All Purpose Cleaners

Household and all-purpose cleaners at home can also be used to kill maggots. Mix equal parts of this cleaner with boiling water and pour this solution into the can.

Toilet cleaners can also work great for killing maggots. In fact, some people also apply hairspray on the maggots in trash cans.

Try Safe and Natural Remedies

Some people are uncomfortable using the aforementioned chemicals since they are toxic and harmful. If that is the case with you, you can consider using natural remedies instead.

For example, you can use natural remedies like vinegar and cinnamon powder. For example, mix boiling water and vinegar together to create a natural cleaning solution.

Clean the trash can with the vinegar solution thoroughly. This powerful solution will also remove all maggots and germs and deodorize the can.

Once done, you can also rinse the trash can. The maggots will likely not return after this.

Another trick is to mix cinnamon powder with water. This powder’s natural scent and composition will kill the maggots since they can’t stand it.

However, cinnamon takes at least six hours to kill maggots. But it is a permanent solution since the larvae will not return.

Use Salt

Did you know that salt is an effective maggot killer as well?

You will need to mix salt with lime to create a powerful solution to kill maggots. This natural substance will effectively dry out the maggots and kill them.

You will simply need to mix equal parts of lime and salt. Then, sprinkle this mixture on the maggots and areas where they breed.

After some time, all of the maggots would likely die.

Add Boiling Water

When you have nothing else left, boiling water is the easiest option to use. It is a cost-effective option if you don’t want to spend on insecticides and sprays.

Just pour boiling water into the trash can, which will kill all the maggots, and wash them away. You must ensure that you target areas on the trash can where the maggots are.

This method will instantly kill the maggots and clean your trash can simultaneously.

Final Words

Maggots are not just disgusting but can cause an infestation in your trash cans. This is why you should make every effort to remove them from your trash can.

Consider using natural and non-toxic repellants to safely remove maggots from your trash. Once done, follow preventative tips to remove all types of maggots and flies.

Consider investing in good-quality trash bags and cans. You should also regularly clean your trash bags and responsibly throw away your trash.

Be careful of maggot infestations during the summer.

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