How to Dispose of Aftershave Bottles?

If you have empty and used aftershave bottles, there are multiple ways to dispose of them.

Depending on your location, you can also recycle it.

Otherwise, there are multiple ways to reuse aftershave bottles. This guide gets into the details of all of these.

Disposing Aftershave Bottles

Do you have an empty aftershave bottle that is simply gathering dust on your shelf? If so, you don’t need to throw it in the bin.

The environmentally responsible method is to instead dispose of it. Since these bottles are made of glass, you can dispose of them in multiple ways.

Alternatively, if you have expired aftershave bottles, you can still dispose of them in various ways.

These might be taking up unnecessary space in your home.

This is why disposing of them in the proper manner can help you de-clutter and make use of them. It should be noted that you should not pour aftershave liquid down the drain.

If you have remaining aftershave liquid, there are other ways to dispose of it. This guide will highlight all of these.

A popular option is recycling since aftershave bottles have glass perfect for other items. Otherwise, you can also consider reusing empty aftershave bottles.

These bottles have a unique and stunning shape, so you might not want to get rid of them. This is also a great reason why reusing aftershave bottles is an excellent option.

If you are not a crafty and creative person, you can consider simply passing them along to collectors. Many people like to collect empty perfume bottles, especially those expensive.

They give your perfumes new life by reusing and repurposing them. Hence, there are many ways to dispose of aftershave bottles.

Let’s take a detailed look at each option for disposing of aftershave bottles.

Cleaning Aftershave Bottles for Disposal

Whether you plan to reuse or recycle aftershave bottles, you must clean them first. Cleaning them involves emptying the bottle and then washing it.

To thoroughly clean them, you should remove the nozzle and cap. You can do this using a knife and scissors and discard these items.

Similarly, cut off the valve of the bottle and loosen the metal around the nozzle. Once done, discard the plastic since you don’t need it for recycling.

Then, remove the metal ring on top with a pair of pliers. Use the pliers in one hand and hold the bottle with the other hand.

While doing all of this, take care not to put too much pressure on the bottle. This is because doing so can break it.  

Additionally, take care not to spill the remaining contents of the aftershave. Once done, you can either discard or reserve any remaining aftershave liquid.

You can reserve it by pouring it into another glass vessel. However, pour it into the drain if you want to discard it.

You can also pour it into the garbage can. However, it might leak from the bag, and your trash will smell like the aftershave.

Once you have discarded the liquid, thoroughly and gently wash the bottle. It is best to use hot running water.

Fill the bottle with the water and then pour it out. Repeat this process at least twice to clean the bottle thoroughly.

For a much more thorough cleaning job, you can also use vinegar. After rinsing, fill the bottle with warm vinegar and let it sit for at least an hour.

After an hour, rinse the bottle once again, and you are done. Alternatively, if you don’t have vinegar, you can use dish detergent.

Dry the bottles with a towel and then keep them out in the sunlight for at least. And now, you are done.

Gather all glass bottles in one bag and then dispose of them.

Recycling Aftershave Bottles

Now that you have cleaned the aftershave bottles, recycling or reusing them is time. The simplest way to recycle is to search for your local area’s recycling center.

You can look for it online or get in touch with a government representative. You can also look for a hazardous waste collection group in your local area.

If you have them, get in touch to see if they will take your aftershave bottle. You should first ask them what type of glass bottles they accept.

Keep in mind that some recycling centers don’t accept crystal bottles. Hence, it is essential first to find out if they will accept your specific aftershave bottle.

Another way to see if your perfume bottle is recyclable, look at the bottom of the bottle. It will normally have a specific number in a triangle.

If the number is 70, this means mixed glass. If it is 71, then that means the glass is pure and clean.

Numbers like 73 and 79 also determine other glass types. Determining if it is recyclable will help avoid any issues down the line.

Once you have found the recycling center, you can simply drop off the empty bottle to them. In some cases, these authorities also have their own recycling bins.

You can just dispose of the bottle in those bins when that is the case. Make sure to give these bottles a thorough wash and completely empty them first.

Besides this, you can also consider getting in touch directly with the aftershave manufacturer. They can tell you if the bottle is recyclable.

These manufacturers might even accept the bottle to recycle themselves in some cases. This is why calling them up is often a good idea.

Donating Aftershave Bottles

The easiest and most straightforward method of disposal is to donate it. This is especially true if you have unused aftershave bottles.

However, if the aftershave itself is expired, avoid donating. But if it is not, you can donate it to someone who might enjoy using the aftershave.

Many charities accept such donations. However, it might be difficult to find such charities.

You can also consider starting an online page if you have multiple unused aftershave bottles. If you give them away for free, many people might come forward.

Reusing Aftershave Bottles

If you are a crafty person, a great idea is reusing aftershave bottles. This is also great if you are looking for a DIY project for yourself.

There are multiple ways you can reuse your discarded aftershave bottles. You can then use them for another purpose altogether.

Here are some of the best ways to reuse your aftershave bottle:

As a Flower Vase

A popular option for repurposing an aftershave bottle is to use it as a flower vase. Add some water to the empty bottle and add a few stems of the flowers.

You can put baby breath stems or flowers. This can act as a pretty decorative item for your bedroom or living room.

You can place it on the windowsill, your vanity, and even your bathroom.

Makeshift Perfume Bottle

Furthermore, you can also craft your very own scent.

Using your empty aftershave bottle, you can mix a few essential oils together. Store it in the aftershave bottle to use as a makeshift and customized perfume.

You can also dilute the mix using vodka or other alcoholic substance. A little essential oil goes a long way; hence make sure to use it sparingly.

You can use the substance and apply it to your neck and wrists. This will give you a very subtle yet refreshing scent.

Shake the bottle before every use. This will help properly mix the scents together.

Suncatcher or Ornament

This is an excellent option if you have an empty glass aftershave bottle that is transparent. To turn it into an ornament, tie a thread around the neck of the bottle.

Then, you can hang this ornament anywhere in your house. Additionally, you can also hang this on your Christmas tree or the window.

If you hang it on the window, the bottle will become a DIY suncatcher. As the light enters through it, it will beautifully reflect it.

If your aftershave bottle has ridges on it, it is all the more reason to use it as a suncatcher.

 A DIY Candleholder

Another option for your empty aftershave bottle is a DIY elegant candleholder. You can put a slim birthday candle inside the bottle.

You can then place these candle holders in your dining room or on the dinner table. It will give a perfectly subtle and elegant ambiance.

However, be sure to use a slim candle that perfectly fits the bottle. Otherwise, it might ruin your table once the wax drips.

DIY Room Diffuser

Lastly, you can also repurpose your empty aftershave bottle to create a room diffuser. This is fairly easy and straightforward to do as well.

You have to fill the bottle with nice essential oils. Then, put a few skewers in the bottle to dip them in the oil.

The sticks will absorb the oil, which will travel all the way to the top. This will leave an aromatic scent in your room.

Ending Note

There are multiple ways to dispose of your aftershave bottle. The easiest one is to recycle it.

However, there are other ways to repurpose it as well. If you still have some liquid in the bottle, you can simply donate it to someone.  

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