How to Dispose of a Coffee Maker?

Small home appliances, like toasters and coffee makers, tend to last for a long time but you will eventually feel the need to get an upgraded model.

Besides, no matter how well you take care of them, they have a limited life. Once they are no more usable, you have to dispose of them responsibly.

Most coffee makers are mainly made of metal, glass, and plastic. They do have some useful materials that can be recycled.

This is why you should make sure they do not end up in a landfill.

Many cities have drop-off centers that recycle coffee makers. If the machine is mostly metal, you can drop it off at any scrap metal recycling service.

Read through this guide to understand how to dispose of your coffee maker!

Preparing a Coffee Maker for Recycling

When you have decided to dispose of your coffee maker, you’ll have to take some precautions before dropping it off.

Following are some tips for recycling preparation of your coffee maker:

  1. Unplug the appliance a day—or at least a few hours—before recycling. Give it enough time to cool down.
  2. Tie up the power cord using a twist tie or the cord itself. You do not want to trip while carrying the coffee maker.
  3. This step is not necessary but it is best to clean the appliance before taking it for recycling.
  4. If your coffee maker has removable parts that are not metallic, remove these parts before its disposal. Since there is no market for removable parts, like tempered glass or coffee pots, you can remove these.
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How to Dispose of a Coffee Maker

Following are some ways in which you can dispose of your coffee maker:

1. Giving Away Your Coffee Maker

If you don’t want your coffee maker anymore for any reason, it is best to give it away for reuse. Reusing an item which is still in a working condition is better than recycling it.

You can talk to a friend, relative, or anyone who wants a coffee maker. However, before reaching out to anyone to give your coffee maker away, check it one last time to ensure it is functioning properly.

Check all the buttons and settings and fix any minor defects that you notice. If your coffee maker is beyond fixing, it is best not to give away a defected appliance.

Once you’ve found someone who’d like to take your coffee maker off your hands, ask them how you’ll go about transporting it. They might offer to help you transport the appliance to their place.

You can also give away your old coffee maker to social service organizations, like old homes, community centers, shelters, or even to schools for teaching staff, etc. You will find it very fulfilling to be of help to someone else.

You can also ask a local charity organization if they accept electrical appliances.

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2. Reselling Your Coffee Maker

Reusing an appliance is always the most environmentally-friendly option. If your coffee maker is in very good condition, you can make a buck by reselling it.

You might not get much for your coffee maker, but reusing is always better than throwing it in the trash.

You can leave an advertisement for sale on different online retail platforms. Best Buy, eBay, and Amazon are some of the many options you have.

You can also place ads on different online retail platforms since advertising on different sites will help you get the best price for your coffee maker. You can then compare different options before selling it to the most suitable bidder.

You should add all the necessary information with pictures in your online advertisement. Next, consider the credibility of the buyer to prevent any scams.

Another important precaution is to take full payment before handing over your appliance. The buyers are not liable to you for any payment once they have the possession.

The best thing about selling through an online retailer is that it saves you the cost of transport. Most retailers offer to transport the item to the customer themselves.

Once you have a deal with a buyer, call them over to check the working condition of your appliance if possible.

This precaution is to avoid any future conflicts. That said, you should also know that you are not liable for any problems after the sale.

Provide the buyer with all the accessories that came with the coffee maker. If online selling does not work for you, another option is to sell it at a garage sale.

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3. Recycling Your Coffee Maker

Electrical home appliances have a limited life and will stop working after a certain amount of time. Machines and appliances for commercial use are often more durable than home appliances.

So, the best way to make your coffee maker last longer is to use the commercial line.

That said, it’s important to remember that even the best appliances deteriorate over time.

When your coffee maker is no more usable, the best option is to recycle it. Throwing it away in the trash will only make it end up in the landfills which can be harmful to the environment.

Some recycling centers do not accept small electrical appliances like coffee machines. You can still find many recycling centers that will recycle your appliance. Rest assured, they will recycle your coffee maker for sustainability.

Most recycling services offer the following two options:

In-home Pickup

Some recycling centers offer in-home pickup services to save you the hassle and cost of transporting. This option is convenient as you do not have to do all the lifting and hauling.

They also remove any removable items that you might need from the appliance.

The best thing about choosing this option is that their professional loaders are backed by insurance. This means that you do not have to worry about any accidental damage to your property.

Curbside Pickup

Many people have a busy routine and they cannot wait around for in-home pickup. For such people, there is another convenient option, which is a curbside pickup.

You do not have to wait for the loaders to arrive for pickup. All you have to do is to contact the service and choose for curbside pickup option. You can then leave the appliance on the curbside before leaving for work.

You should do some online search for recycling centers that accept coffee makers. Once they receive your coffee maker, they will first test it to see if it is repairable.

When they find that it is no longer usable, they separate its different components. They remove the electronic components for recycling separately.

They shred and dismantle the remaining material manually to collect parts for reuse. The recycling centers also separate plastic, glass, and metal and send them to manufacturers for use in new products.

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4. Creative Way to Re-use Coffee Pots

If you love crafts and like to recycle old items, you can recycle the coffee pot from your old coffee maker.

Recycling items at home is both creative and fun. You can turn your old unused coffee pot into a beautiful showpiece.

One creative way is to make a terrarium for succulents out of your old coffee pot. You will love how it turns out especially if you have an interest in plants.

You can also use other plants for your coffee pot, but succulents are hardy so they are easier to handle.

Experienced gardeners can experiment to use coffee pots for other plants. People who have no experience of gardening can use succulents for their home garden.

Making a terrarium of a coffee pot is very simple. Wash the pot thoroughly and dry it before putting any items inside.

Now lay a bed of sand, river, or aquarium rocks or moss at the bottom. You can place small succulents on top and add other decorations of your choice.

The succulents will attach themselves to the sand or rocks at the bottom. You can scatter some shells, pebbles or pieces of driftwood for decoration. You can also lay some moss on the rocks to give a more natural look.

Succulents need little care and maintenance and they can easily thrive in this kind of environment. All you have to do is place the plants close to the edge of the pot.

This will help them get enough light through the glass. Another tip is to place your terrarium at a place where it will get some natural light.

Also, remember to mist the plant with water every few days. With that, you can place your beautiful terrarium anywhere from a shelf to the dining table.

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Everyone loves small electrical appliances due to the convenience they offer. Despite their benefits, small appliances are difficult to recycle.

They are complex machines made up of a variety of parts. Due to their small size, they contain little metal which is not of much value. You will find that not many recycling centers accept coffee makers for the same reason.

Regardless of the size of electrical appliances, it is not safe to discard them in your house trash. You can find some recycling centers that accept coffee makers for recycling.

You can also ask the manufacturers if they accept their items for recycling. If your coffee maker is in working condition, you can also give it away to someone or sell it online.

In any case, you should minimize what goes to landfills to be environmentally responsible.

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