How to Dispose of Tree Branches? 8 Easy Ways!

If you are landscaping chopping trees for other reasons, you have to dispose of tree branches and trimmings properly.

You can’t just throw away these bulky tree branches or trimmings in the trash.

So, what do you do with all the tree branches and tree trimmings lying on your property now?

Keep reading this guide to discover various options for disposing of tree branches.

What Happens When Tree Branches Are Disposed Of at Landfills?

Tree branches and tree trimmings fall into the category of backyard waste.

According to the statistics revealed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 13.5% of all municipal solid waste is yard waste.

This means that tree branches and trimmings disposed of improperly end up in landfills.

With more oversized items like tree branches, a huge space of landfills is occupied. Moreover, burning off tree branches is not too good for the environment and poses a severe fire hazard.

To avoid all the above and minimize environmental pollution, it is essential to carry out the safe disposal of tree branches and other backyard waste.

Is It Possible To Recycle Tree Branches?

Yes, you can recycle tree branches, trimmings, and similar backyard waste items. Trees are biodegradable, so they will not directly harm the environment.

However, considering the issue of limited landfill space, one should prefer recycling tree branches rather than dipping them off at a landfill site.

Recycling tree branches is a sustainable option that helps minimize wastage and environmental pollution. So, it is the right thing to do.

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How to Dispose of Tree Branches?

If there is a huge pile of tree branches, trimmings, and other waste items occupying ample space in your backyard, you need to dispose of it the right way.

We have compiled a list of the best options for tree branches disposal to ensure minimum wastage and maximum usage of your leftover tree trimmings and branches.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Option # 1: Dispose of Tree Branches At Your Local Dump Site

As tree logs, branches and trimmings are biodegradable, you can dispose of them off at your local dumpster.

You may have to rent a truck or dumpster services to do that. If you have a truck and a small number of tree branches, you can drive to the dumpster yourself.

Many US states have prohibited dumping bulky waste items like tree branches outside your home. Therefore, you must follow the law and dispose of them at a local dumpster site.

You will have to bear the extra cost of renting a truck or calling a dumpster service company, but it is a better alternative to paying hefty fines on illegal tree branches disposal. 

Option # 2: Consider Renting Out a Wood Chipper

If you have a massive pile of tree branches that need to be urgently disposed of, renting out a wood chipper is a feasible option to consider.

A wood chipper or wood chipping company can make the disposal process a whole lot easier.

You can break down large pieces of wood into smaller ones, so it is more convenient to transfer them from one place to the other for disposal.

Note that using a chipper can be dangerous if you are not extra careful handling it.

If you have the option of hiring a wood chipping company instead, go for it. It is always a better option to leave the job to the professionals.

Option # 3: Contact a Hauling Service Company

If you find it difficult to dispose of tree branches yourself, you can contact a hauling service provider.

These companies have the right tools and equipment to smoothly dispose of tree branches and other backyard waste.

Moreover, most of these companies focus on recycling the wood rather than throwing it in landfills.

So do proper research at your end and shortlist companies that work on a more sustainable business model.

Option # 4: Dispose of Tree Branches via Yard Waste Recycling Sites

Rather than wasting a good pile of leftover tree branches, you can give it away to a yard waste recycling site.

These facilities are well-equipped to ensure they recycle all your yard waste material.

Before dropping off your tree branches, you should call your local guard waste recycling facility to schedule a drop-off time.

Some yard waste recycling facilities also offer pick-up services, so confirm if you have this option.

Note that you may have to pay additional charges for pick-up services, but it will save you all the hassle and trouble.

Option # 5: Dispose of Tree Branches at a Landscaping Site

If there is a local landscaping company in your area, it is an excellent disposal option to consider.

That way, you can be assured that your tree branches will be put to good use. Some landscaping sites also buy off tree branches. So you can explore this option and earn some extra cash through them.

Option # 6: Sell of Tree Branches and Trimmings to Firewood Suppliers

Another great option you can explore for disposing of tree branches is by selling them to a firewood supplying company.

Most firewood suppliers are always in need of extra firewood. You can earn some easy cash by selling off your tree branches and trimmings to them or simply giving them away for free.

Either way, you will be doing good for the environment.

Option # 7: Dispose of Tree Trimmings at a Furniture Manufacturing Company

This is another disposal option that guarantees that your leftover tree branches and trimmings will not go to waste.

You may not know what to do with a funny-shaped tree branch, but a furniture maker would.

They may also use a wood chipper to convert these wood logs into sawdust and use it in the furniture designing process.

Option # 8: Donate Tree Branches to a Wood Sculptor

Just like a furniture-making company, a wood sculptor would also know what to do with spare logs and tree trimmings.

You can also request these wood sculptors to design a few items like a candle holder, tray, wooden dishes, etc., for you.

Different Options of Recycling Tree Branches

When it comes to recycling tree branches by yourself, there are various options that you can explore.

Remember that your main objective is not to waste anything, so think of alternative ways to reuse and repurpose them.

Recycling Option # 1: Use Tree Branches for Bonfires

With tree branches and tree trimmings at your disposal, what better thing to do than plan your bonfire party.

You may have to rent out a chipper or use an electric saw to cut these larger tree branches into smaller pieces ideal for burning.

Before using your leftover tree branches for bonfires or fireplaces, check your local laws on what type of trees are allowed to burn.

Some tree branches, when burnt, might turn out to be extra harmful to the environment. Always check the legal aspects of things before burning anything off.

In addition to this, make sure that you follow all the safety protocols of starting a bonfire to avoid any mishaps or accidents.

Recycling Option # 2: Use Tree Branches to Spruce Up Your Backyard

If you are already planning a backyard makeover, these tree branches may come in handy.

Here are some ways you can use tree branches in your backyard:

  • You can use small tree branches as dividers between different plants.
  • You can also use tree branches and twigs as nursing logs to provide support to crawling plants
  • You can use longer tree logs as a natural plant hanger and create a cute corner in your backyard.
  • You can also use tree branches for composting, but it will be a slow process.

RecyclingOption # 3: Use Tree Branches for Decoration

You can easily create many using your old tree branches if you love wooden decor items.

Use an electric saw and sanding machine to cut smaller parts of these tree branches to make decor items like:

  • Wooden dishes
  • Wooden spoons
  • Wooden key hangers
  • Wooden door signs
  • Wooden art palettes
  • Wooden jewelry hangers

You can also create a lot of wooden artwork using these tree branches. Find DIY wooden art projects like wall hangings, wooden ceiling lights, wooden vases, etc., and recreate them at home.

You can also simply wrap a string of fairy lights around these tree logs and place them in a corner to create an incredible photo backdrop.

Just make sure that you wear protective glasses, gloves, face masks, etc., when working with an electric saw and other heavy tools.

Final Thoughts

We hope this guide on ‘How to dispose of tree branches’ was an informative read for you.

We hope you consider the valuable information in this blog the next time you have to get rid of tree branches or tree trimmings from your backyard.

Try to explore all the recycling options before resorting to disposing of tree branches in the dumpster. This way, you can also contribute and play your part in keeping the planet green and protected.

Good Luck!

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