Can You Recycle Metal Bottle Caps?

You just gulped down the last sip of your beverage, but before you throw out that bottle along with the cap, read this!

Beer and glass soda bottle caps made of metal can be recycled.

But because of their small size, it’s best to leave them out of the process or they may clog recycling plant machinery.

Below we will discuss ways to recycle metal bottle caps and the process of recycling.

How to Recycle Metal Bottle Caps

It’s impossible to recycle individual bottle caps and lids because they’re too small, but they can be recycled as part of a larger can or bottle made of the same metal.

What you need to do is as follows:

  • It is essential to remove any traces of food from bottle caps and lids.
  • Use a container made of the same metal if possible.
  • If you’re using metal, place the lids in an empty can and squish them to keep them from falling out. The magnet will stick to steel but will not to aluminum.
  • A big plastic bottle can be used to gather little hard plastics like caps, food tags, straws, and medicine bottle lids, among other things.
  • Put a lid on the container once it’s full to keep the contents fresh.

To recycle a sealed, full can or bottle, place it in the yellow bin with a yellow lid.

The yellow-lid trash bin should only include bottles and jars with no lids.

How Does the Recycling Process of Metal Bottle Caps Work?

Steel and aluminum are the two kinds of materials bottle caps are made from.

Since both are composed of recyclable materials, you may believe you can simply toss them in your recycling cart. Isn’t that great?

However, there is one problem: your local recycling center is an industrial automation center where items are separated by machinery and by hand.

These little, flimsy bottle caps slip through the machines and are ignored for recovery due to their size.

Metal bottle caps are extremely small; which is why they aren’t detected at the recycling facility. Therefore, they typically wind up in the landfill.

Here is how the recycling process works:

Step 1: The materials collected at your curb will be delivered to a recycling facility by the recycling truck. The truck will unload all of the stuff it has gathered on a concrete floor there.

Step 2: The recyclables are placed onto a sorting line. The sorting unit is made up of trolleys that go through various stations.

Step 3: The metal cans are removed by a massive magnet, while another piece of gear removes the aluminum cans.

Note: Materials are divided by size during this process, and bottle caps are lost here — they drop through the sorting screens before they can be recycled.

So, place an empty can next to your composting station and use it to collect any metal bottle caps.

Fill it with caps and lids and use it till it’s completely full. After that, crimp it shut and recycle it. The caps will no longer be misplaced.

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Can You Earn Money by Recycling Metal Caps?

If you’ve come this far, you should know that you can indeed recycle metal bottle caps. All you have to do is collect them and send them to a recycling facility.

It doesn’t end there, though. Don’t dismiss your ideas just yet if you’ve been considering how much money you could make from bottle recycling.

Bottle tops can be recycled for cash. Indeed, municipal recycling facilities and disposal sites would be delighted to accept them.

As a result, they might feel compelled to reward you for bringing stuff they might recycle and repurpose. They will, after all, make money over time.

However, this is not true of all recycling centers. Some people will take scrap metals without paying for them.

Furthermore, there is no assurance of the value of these bottle caps. The recycling firm mostly determines it. Regardless, you can earn money by recycling bottle caps.

Importance of Recycling Metal Caps

Metal recycling saves energy that could have been used to produce metal. Producing different metals necessitates different quantities of energy and resources, but consider this:

Metal recycling utilizes 60% less energy than metal production from natural sources. Recycling aluminum saves you 95% of your money!

That implies that by recycling a can full of metal bottle caps, you can save enough energy to operate a light bulb for over four hours!

Another reason metal caps should be recycled is that it preserves natural resources.

Metal recycling eliminates the requirement for new metal production.

As a result, valuable natural resources required in metal manufacturing, such as coal and iron ore, are preserved.

Coal burning is a major contributor to climate change; thus, it’s critical to think about it.

Coal contributed 43% of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions in 2010, and the climate crisis has persisted since then.

Recycling metals is an ecological activity — and a simple method to take accountability — because it requires less energy and reduces the use of natural resources.

8 Other Ways to Recycle Metal Bottle Caps

Bottle caps can be used to make bracelets, earrings, pendants, and magnets, to name a few. Let us avoid excessive waste and creatively recycle waste resources.

Every day, we discard many metal caps from fruit juice and beer bottles. It is feasible to reduce unneeded waste and turn it into one-of-a-kind DIY objects.

Let’s have a look at 5 simple cap projects.

Wind Chimes

Most people like to hang a wind chime in their home because it makes a lovely sound when the wind blows on it.

This lovely sound brings good fortune and a serene environment to your home. Whatever it is, have you considered building a wind chime out of repurposed bottle caps?

Now is the time to consider it!

Mosaic Art

Start collecting plastic bottle caps if you want a beautiful, sustainable, and environmental piece of wall art.

Gather from friends and neighbors if you don’t have enough. You don’t have to keep your artistic skill bottled up; let it out with a mosaic, or an eco-friendly craft project you’ll enjoy.


Would you ever think of using bottle tops in such a clever way rather than throwing them away?

Yes, you read that correctly. You may now store all bottle caps to make gorgeous and colorful candles.

It’s not only a beautiful addition to your home’s decor, but it’s also a thoughtful gift for friends. With DIY bottle-top candles, you may create a warm atmosphere in the chilly season.


We also came across another fantastic project. It’s a calendar made out of magnetic bottle caps.

You’ll need cardboard, acrylic paint in various colors, paintbrushes, 65 bottle caps, clear polyurethane spray, a hot glue gun, sandpaper, and magnets to make one.

It’s amongst the most inventive and unique creations you can build from recycled materials.


Making emoji magnets is the simplest way to get your kids involved in thoughtful activities. This creative activity will appeal to not only kids but also adults.

You’ll only need glue, bottle tops, colorful markers, and magnets for this project. That’s all there is; have fun gluing these emojis on refrigerators and other metal objects.

Garden Flowers

This cute flower will look great in your yard or on your lawn. It’s a terrific upcycling project because it’s made of a tin can lid and some metal bottle caps.

You can make petals by folding metal bottle caps, then glue them all together on an upcycled lid.

Make a truly unique flower by mixing and matching different colored bottle caps, or go for a more uniform look by matching them all.


Are you a jewler and an accessory designer as well? If so, bottle lids can be reused and repurposed in creating unique necklaces, bracelets, and bands.

So, would you rather toss unused metal caps in the garbage or arrange them into stunning DIY necklaces?

Label or create your favorite lines on these necklaces if you are a film or book fan. All of your bookish and movie-loving pals will admire this personalized and quoted chain.

Storage Bags

Recycling metal bottle caps and enhancing the design of storage bags is a creative, and environmentally friendly design solution.

Plastic bags with metal caps are handcrafted items suitable for outings and short vacations. They can also be used to transport liquids!

Such purses are simple to build with caps.

Cut a small section of a plastic bottle, pull a plastic shopping bag through the cap area, close the lid, and get yourself a bag with a cap.

Final Thoughts

You should now be ready to decide what you want to do with your metal bottle caps with all this information.

You can either recycle them through a recycling facility, make something pretty for yourself, or give them away to someone who might use them.

Think about all of the methods and ideas that are given above because making something out of them is better than throwing them away.

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